The New MacBook Pro 2019: The Test and The Results

The New MacBook Pro 2019: The Test and The Results

There were four updates issued on the MacBook Pro within 18 months by Apple.

New MacBook pro’s monitor is a half an inch larger on the diagonal than the i9 MacBook Pros’.

A soft click enables the key actuation on the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

The sensory data on the keys are enormous. On the keyboard of 16-inch MacBook Pro, the total distance from the key at rest is 1 millimeter. On the 2016-style keyboard, the range was between 0.6 and 0.7 millimeters.

The new console has a physical escape key, instead of the Touch ID sensor connected to the Touch Bar.

2016 MacBook Pro

The New MacBook Pro includes the same CPU options as previous ones. The difference is that for its new internals, it can perform slightly more superiorly because of the chips.

The extreme performance and stability test for PC hardware Unigine Heaven Benchmark tested the GPU of the new MacBook Pro. The new machine earned an average of 86.6 frames per second and a 2182 score. Stereo and tessellation were off during the test.

The previous MacBook Pro was a boiling machine. The metal surface around the G, H, and J keys hit 107 degrees. On the new device, the area is still hot, but it can run a maximum of 89 degrees.

Regarding the thermal environment, there are still many details to check.

Now let’s talk about the revamped cooling system. Apple said that the 16-inch MacBook Pro has more surface area and different fan blades on all heat exchanging surfaces. In other words, the computer sounds differently under load. To compare it with the 2016 MacBook Pro, under substantial pressure, it sounds on 45 Dba, whereas the 16-inch MacBook Pro hit a maximum of 44 Dba.


Other Details

The drive speed is breakneck. The write speed is 2890 megabytes per second, and the read speed is 3150 megabytes per second on both a 1TB and 512GB model.

It is about 350MB per second faster than the 2018 MacBook Pro with 512 GB storage or more and a bit faster than the i9 MacBook Pro.

Apple said the new machine’s battery would run one hour more than the 15-inch. This means it can last around 11 hours.

Concerning the sound, the bass is significant. It does not cause the machine to feel uncomfortable or shake under loud volumes thanks to the dual force-canceling drives.

Mac Book

The FaceTime camera still has a 720p quality. With the new MacBook, Apple will not have the latest version of wifi.

Some people might get frustrated to hear that the new machine will still work on an 801.11ac wifi.

The MacBook Pro will not have the same maximum speed as the Mac Pro. But still, it is a robust machine, the faster than any other MacBook Pro ever made.

The new machine has a lot of power and will be a lot of computing. So, it will not be cheap.

As it always was, the new MacBook with an i9 processor is perfect for macOS jobs, which demands portability.

Not every detail of the new machine went under examination, but it already says that it will be speedy and mighty.