Apple Mac Pro 2019 and Its Approximate Release Date

Apple Mac Pro 2019 and Its Approximate Release Date

Soon people will be able to get the Apple Mac Pro.

This summer, at the event WWDC 2019, Apple unveiled that the MAC Pro will be available soon. 

They said it would happen this fall, and everyone is waiting for it. Apple had a hectic couple of months. It refreshed its MacBook Pros and MacBook, rolled out 16-inch MacBook pro and three new iPhones.

The company finally secured the FCC approval for the Mac Pro, and they are ready to announce a release date officially.

Tom’s Hardware says that the follow up of the Mac Pro 2013 and the long-awaited dedicated desktop will come out in December. If the source is telling the truth, the new Mac Pro 2019 will be available by Christmas.

Apple Mac ProWe know the month of the release, but not the exact date. On the Mac Pro page, there is an announcement that says, “Coming This Fall.” Some people think that the release will happen before December 22.

The Mac Pro will have an AMD Radeon Pro 580X graphics with 32 GB memory and the octa-core Intel Xeon W chip. This model will cost $5,999 (8,720 Australian dollars or 4,730 Euro). The top-end Mac Pro will cost around $45,000. It will have dual AMD Radeon Pro Vega II Duo GPUs, 1.5 TB memory, and 29-core Intel Xeon processor.

Apple also announced that the Pro Display XDR will come out. It will have a whopping 6k (6016 x 3384) resolution, a 10-bit panel for 1.073 billion colors, DCI-P3 vast color space, and a 32-inch Retina display. It will cost $4.999.


The Place of Production

A Texas manufacturing facility in Austin will produce the Mac Pro 2019. Since 2013, the Texas manufacturing facility has been providing Mac Pro computers. 

Apple has a public commitment to grow the US economy, but the Trump administration’s decision to raise the tariffs on imported Chinese goods had a significant impact on the decision. Many politicians criticized Apple for off-shore manufactured goods.

More than a dozen American companies will manufacture, develop, and design several parts of Mac 2019.

The Place of Production

The US federal government pardoned Apple for paying inflated import tariffs on a certain amount of the parts sourced from China.

Apple said that in the new Mac Pro, the value of American-made components would be 2.5 times greater than in previous Generation Mac Pros. It means that the American-made parts will cost Apple 2.5 more expensive. This is due to the higher cost of labor in the US compared to China. China was the Apples’ major destination to manufacture the goods.

Apple already announced that the Mac 2019 start price would be $5,999. It’s not known if this happened before or after the “federal product exclusion.” Nevertheless, people do not expect Apple to increase its starting price. In the capitalist system, increasing the announced starting price of products rarely happens. 

Recently, Apple products included the line “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.” However, the Mac 2019 will have a more US-centric line emblazoned on its chassis.

Despite that, we don’t know the exact release date; for Apple consumers, there are many surprises to come.