Apple: Launches the Latest Version of Operating Systems

Apple: Launches the Latest Version of Operating Systems

Apple is expected to announce the newest version of iOS for the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Mac on Monday at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference, or WWDC.

The iOS 13 will launch as the new software of Apple which show how Apple Inc. is developing its main product, the iPhone, in the face of shrinking smartphone market.

The company’s WWDC or Worldwide Developers Conference is also an opportunity for Apple to focus its rising services business, which turns around selling online subscriptions to iPhone users. The next version of iOS will have to support this service.

“This year WWDC will have a different feel as Apple needs to prove with its next iOS, currently codenamed Yukon, that this platform has the speed, scalability, and feature functionality to smoothly support and lay the groundwork for the company’s flagship video streaming service slated for the fall,” Wedbush analyst Dan Ives wrote in a note on Friday.

WWDC is Apple’s main event to communicate how it sees its various software platforms developing.

At WWDC in 2016, Apple Inc. CEO Tim Cook framed Apple as a company with four most important platforms: iOS, watchOS, macOS, and tvOS.

“This is a huge moment for us – four great platforms that become even more capable with working with all of you,” Cook said in 2016.

However in 2019, Apple doesn’t seem to have a four-legged stool any longer. Apple Inc. is ever more emphasizing its ability to sell extra software and subscription services to iPhone owners as smartphone sales decline.

Apple’s iPhone is being placed the center of Apple’s software development universe, and its iOS App Store distribution platform as one of the company’s top jewels.

A year ago, the Apple Inc. showed a new set of developer tools that would allow iPhone apps to run on Mac computers with marginal effort. Apple utilizes the technology for some of its own apps that have jumped from the iPhone to the Mac, for example, News or Memos.

Developers are concerns that if the two platforms turn into more closely linked, that software will be mainly developed for iPhone and then ported to Mac, possibly steal from the desktop version of power-user features.

The one platform that may be gaining in position is watchOS, which runs on the Apple Watch. According to a report from a news agency, Apple may launch a new app store for Apple Watch, offering a new way to for developers to earn money from watch apps.