Smart Eye Technology launched Screen Privacy Platform

Smart Eye Technology launched Screen Privacy Platform

Computers, smartphones, or iPods are part of our life, so much so that we can’t even imagine living without them. However, with new technologies come new dangers. Cybercriminals often try to gain access to personal information or other important data, using it for their own nefarious reasons. Lots of people suffer significant losses due to internet scams. While such schemes are dangerous for individuals, they are doubly so for big companies, wealthy or famous persons or politicians. It’s essential to have a good security system. But even with multiple farewells in place, hackers often manage to overcome defenses. After all, they specialize in coding and finding weak spots.

It’s hard to maintain sufficient defenses. The web is developing faster and faster, and while it means new, better systems, cybercriminals also find new ways to overcome them, executing more and more elaborate schemes. Fortunately, there are firms that specialize in security systems development. Smart Eye Technology is one such company. It’s revolutionizing the way businesses or individuals protect their screens and confidential documents.

The firm offers advanced multilevel biometric authentication processes. In addition, it offers end-to-end encryption that ensures screen privacy, as well as user-to-user document security. Furthermore, Smart Eye provides security for signing confidential documents along with sharing and viewing files.

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, lots of business deals were signed online. But after the pandemic lockdowns, most companies continue functioning online, and the security of their data or dealing becomes essential.

Smart Eye decided to launch its new project – a multilevel biometric authentication platform. It aims to protect against unauthorized access to shared documents and blocks risky screen snooping. Their technology is already available in the Google Play and Apple App Store.


How does the Smart Eye platform operate?

Smart eye and its new proect

People share millions of files, including Intellectual Property, invoices, and financial information every day through non-secure channels such as mobile devices. However, the Smart Eye platform prevents document leaks, forgery, and fraud, as well as visual hacking through continuous facial recognition and multilevel biometric verification.

Dexter Caffey, Founder of Smart Eye Technology, stated that nobody should have to worry about unauthorized users having access to sensitive documents such as invoices, contracts, and photos. The company has created a new sector in cybersecurity technology to ensure the protection of both screens and documents.

When a user views a photo or document on their phone in the Smart Eye app, if someone comes into view of the screen, a warning sign pops up, alerting the user and blocking another person’s view. In addition, when sharing documents through Smart Eye, access is authenticated through multiple levels of biometrics, including such as Facial Recognition, Fingerprint Recognition, and Voice Recognition.

The sender has absolute control over sharing and downloading rights of the document. He/she also decides how long the recipient has access and, if necessary, can terminate access even after the document has been sent.

The company is also bringing more credibility to the e-signature. Lots of businesses use e-signature platforms that lack critical verification of the signatory. However, such action can have dire consequences. Smart Eye’s platform requires agreements and contracts being signed electronically to be verified by the intended signer through facial recognition and by comparing the user to a photo ID on file. These measures ensure only the intended signer can complete the form.

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