New Investment field: Top 3 AI Stocks 

New Investment field: Top 3 AI Stocks 

Artificial Intelligence is the technology that perceives its environment, analyzes the strategy, and takes actions to achieve set goals. AI and machine learning get lots of attention for its marvelous possibilities in the technology industry. Maybe one day, it will replace the human workforce and make many jobs outmoded. 

AI’s influence over the technology sector is growing each day. However, its impact is not that strong yet. It will probably take a couple of decades for AI to entirely “consume” the whole branch.

Lots of corporations and companies are already incorporating artificial intelligence into their products and services. Here are the top three companies: Amazon, Microsoft, and NVIDIA.

As an investor, one should not underestimate this market. Also, the AI technologies will add up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.


Amazon is a great bet

Amazon is a great bet, as it is the largest e-commerce domain. Also, nearly 38% of all online sales in the U.S happen on the company’s website. Amazon holds up to 32% of the worldwide cloud infrastructure market. The seller offers a bundle of AI services for its cloud customers. Besides, Amazon is a great AI play for more than just its cognitive cloud assistance. The commerce giant is actively working on implementing Artificial Intelligence into the everyday workings of its e-commerce business.

Amazon is using machine learning as a learning tool for the digital mind to determine which special offers are made and which products are placed where on the company’s website. In addition, the ML reviews the sales statistics and predicts what items will be in demand. Investors who are looking for a company that can benefit from AI in multiple ways should strongly consider Amazon.



AI and Cloud computing are inseparable, as most of the companies that need artificial intelligence services incorporate tech that easily integrates into the existing one. That is the reason why Microsoft is expanding the cloud and AI services business. In addition, the company offers cloud-based Artificial Intelligence services through its Azure cloud-computing platform. Besides, it includes cognitive services and additional apps. Microsoft’s AI position is growing each day in the computing market. However, analysts predict that the companies that lead in this sphere will dominate AI services for years to come.

This is excellent news for Microsoft investors, as the company will be worth $331 billion in 2022.



Some investors may know that NVIDIA’s shares have taken a hit over the past year. Nevertheless, the company was able to rise against all the odds. Thanks to the smart strategy and market analytics. In addition, NVIDIA actively puts all of its efforts into Artificial Intelligence technologies.

NVIDIA offers GPUs and graphics processing chips to power up AI services. However, NVIDIA’s chips have already been put into driverless cars, supercomputers, and intelligent healthcare devices. As the market for AI chips grows, NVIDIA will likely benefit.

The AI chip market will become a $91 billion industry by 2025. The NVIDIA market looks promising. Investors would be wise to consider the NVIDIA’s stock as a solid AI bet.