Messenger Kids – Meta’s New Internet Security Games

Messenger Kids – Meta’s New Internet Security Games

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has launched new activities on the Messenger Kids platform. It aims to teach children Internet etiquette. According to Messenger Kids ‘ product management director, new gaming activities will help kids learn how to use the internet safely. Also, exercise in making healthy decisions.

Pledge Planets is based on what Weitzman says. These are the principles of the Messenger Kids Pledge: be safe, respectful, kind, and have fun. The first episode, titled “Be Kind,” includes two games. These will help children practice and learn how to behave with kindness.

Weitzman writes that the company made a promise; Also, Pledge Planets activities led by online safety and child development experts. Facebook introduced Messenger Kids in 2017. This is a shortened version of the Messenger app that links to a parent’s Facebook account. After widespread criticism, Facebook has suspended plans for a child version of its Instagram photo-sharing platform for some time in the past.

However, it is worth noting that meta platforms have a complicated history; When it comes to child safety on the Internet; According to the whistleblower’s internal documents, Meta may have known that Instagram could be “toxic” to teenage users; That its algorithms can create toxic addictions and self-harm in children. A study conducted in the spring of 2021 by the online child safety advocacy organization Thorn; That children experience harassment and abuse on the social platform; Including Instagram, Facebook and Messenger. Now at a much higher rate than previously thought.

Meta Issues and Upcoming Future in 2022

Recently published internal documents show that Meta will lose 45 percent of its teen users over the next two years. Most children do not perceive Facebook as a platform for them. While Instagram is still popular with teen users, it has also lost its place in recent years, especially against competitors like TikTok. Meta teaches a whole new generation how to use one of its products. It seems this is an exact need of the company to attract young customers and continue to develop with them. It is worth noting that 2021 was quite tricky for Meta. Experts predict a much lighter period for the company this year. However, the fact is that the company will have to put in a lot of hard work and effort to do so.