Facebook Releases the Most Powerful Computer

Facebook Releases the Most Powerful Computer

Facebook’s parent company Meta announced on Monday that it is launching one of the most powerful supercomputers globally; enhancing data processing capabilities, despite the constant controversy over confidentiality and misinformation. The American technology giant noted that the array of machines could process images and videos 20 times faster than current systems. The experience the company is building for the meta-version requires enormous computing power, notes Mark Zuckerberg.

The firm envisages the development of artificial intelligence tools; Which, among other things, will enable people who speak several different languages; Understand each other in real-time. Meta noted that the machine known as AI Research SuperCluster was already in the top five fastest supercomputers; And would become the fastest AI machine in the world when fully built in the next few months. People criticized Google and Facebook for processing and using data received from their users.

Firms currently have legal affairs across the EU; Which argues that data transfer from the block is illegal in the US. Artificial intelligence algorithms drive Facebook users to attractive posts; Criticized for inciting disinformation and hate speech.

Facebook Powerful Computer

In fact, Facebook repeatedly apologized for the negative results of the algorithms. It has also long been fixing investments in content moderators. As well as other measures to overcome problematic posts. European digital rights are campaigning to contain big technologies; On Monday, it acknowledged that Facebook made efforts to improve; however, it questioned what a firm could do with such a powerful tool. In a statement about the supercomputer on Monday, a member of Meta’s AI research team noted that the expulsion of malicious content was among the cases of critical use; For the development of artificial intelligence.

The researchers wrote that high-resolution video created a greater demand for processing power. At the same time, the company was pushing for trillions of example-based artificial intelligence tools. The company hopes that RSC will help us create completely new AI systems; That can provide real-time voice translations for large groups of people; Each of whom speaks a different language; To collaborate smoothly on a research project; Also play AR games.

In addition, working with RSC will pave the way for the construction of technologies for the following key computing platform; Where AI-oriented applications and products play an essential role. Zuckerberg is trying harder to develop the idea of ​​Metaverse than its big tech rivals. Facebook didn’t mention the location of the supercomputer. It told AFP that the information was confidential at this stage.