Instagram Releases Test of Creators Subscription in US

Instagram Releases Test of Creators Subscription in US

Instagram gives creators more opportunities to make money. In particular, the company has launched a subscription test feature in the US. Information about this was in the App Store back in November. However, it is already officially in early testing this year with a small group of American creators, who will offer their followers paid access to exclusive stories and Instagram Live videos. Participants will also receive a special badge to help them stand out in the comments section and the creator’s inboxes. It is worth noting that only 10 American developers gained access to the new feature at launch. Instagram mentions that this is an alpha test to get feedback from fans and creators.

Through the subscription product, creators can choose their price to access their exclusive content. There are eight price points to choose from, ranging from $0.99 to $99.99 per month; Depending on how much the creator values ​​their content. Most startups are expected to start at $0.99, $1.99, or maybe $9.99 per month with minimum prices; As long as you experiment with higher prices like $19.99 or $99.99 per month.

After subscribing, users will only access content intended for subscribers. They will be notified of exclusive shows to engage more deeply with the creators. The audience will naturally be smaller. Only in stories intended for subscribers indicated in purple seal; Creators can share things like behind-the-scenes content, special polls, and more. Subscriber badges will help fans stand out in public content comments. Therefore it is easy to identify inappropriate situations.

Instagram Strategy

It was also reported that Instagram was developing technology that would prevent creators from taking screenshots of exclusive content. However, such technology is not available in this initial test phase. There is also no dedicated section for subscriber analytics boards during early tests. However, developers will access it by subscribing to the total estimated revenue. They can not export subscriber lists. However, according to Instagram, the company is working on tools that will allow developers to connect with subscribers outside of the platform.

According to the product manager of Instagram, the company will not receive any share of turnover until 2023. The main goal is to encourage and assist creators in making a living. The company is trying to strengthen its platform from the threat of competition. Consequently, the firm’s representatives have high hopes for adding a monetization function.

Over time, Instagram and Facebook subscriptions may merge. According to the CEO of Meta, the company is focused on creating tools that will help creators get a subsistence level. Consequently, the firm is concentrated on making the new feature available to as large an audience as possible in a short period.