Why Apple Can’t Afford To Leave Russian and Chinese Markets

Why Apple Can’t Afford To Leave Russian and Chinese Markets

It is hard to describe Russia as a democratic country and many companies are struggling to adapt to the local reality and Apple is not an exception. The company even threatened to leave the country but Apple’s threats failed to change the situation. Interestingly, the tech giant called the requirements of a new Russian law a security threat. However, Apple gave up and decided to let Russia have its way. The world’s one of the most famous companies decided to allow users to install government-approved Russian apps during the iPhone setup.

This example shows that Apple was not able to take measures against the Russian government. The company is not ready to leave the local market. Let’s get back to Russian users and the new law. Users who live in Russia started to see a list of Russian app suggestions when setting up a new iPhone.

It makes sense to learn more about Russian law and its impact on the users. According to the law, smart devices e.g. smartphones, and other products purchased in Russia must include government-approved Russian apps. However, based on the deal between the government and Apple, it is not mandatory to install Russian apps and they are not pre-installed on the device.

Users should keep in mind that the company is willing to comply with the law, but it will review all apps. Hopefully, the company has rigorous standards when it comes to privacy, security as well as content.

Apple and legal aspects

Russia approved this law in 2019, but its implementation was delayed until April of this year. Apple was not supporting this law, but it changed its stance and agreed to offer a way to users to install Russian apps. Moreover, the tech giant may add a section to the App Store that aims to promote Russian apps.

Hopefully, users shave the opportunity to download apps made by developers in other countries.

The purpose of this law is to allow the country’s tech companies to become more competitive according to Russian legislators. Their position may not sound that alarming at first, but the situation is more complicated, especially after taking into account Russia’s years-long effort to control the internet.

Russia is not the only country Apple can’t afford to leave despite various challenges caused by the country’s government. It will be hard not to cooperate with the Chinese authorities as well. The company removed all major VPN apps from the App Store in China to comply with Chinese law.