Voytegon Review

Voytegon Review

General Information

Broker Name: Voytegon

Broker Type: Crypto

Country: N/A

Operating since year: 2021

Regulation: N/A

Address: N/A

Broker status: Active


Customer Service

Phone: +442030053850

Email: [email protected]

Languages: English

Availability: 24/5


The Trading platforms: MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5

Trading platform Time zone: N/A

Demo account: No

Mobile trading: Yes

Web-based trading: Yes

Bonuses: Yes

Other trading instruments: Yes


Minimum deposit: $250

Maximal leverage:  1:200

Spread: Floating

Scalping allowed: Yes



Exclusive review of the Broker Voytegon and its Trader Friendly tools

Broker Review: Voytegon


General Information & First Impressions

Voytegon is a new high-end crypto brokerage that aims to fuse the versatility of digital currencies and traditional trading. It does that by offering a full range of assets, and molding its service so it can adapt to either. Voytegon operates from the United Kingdom, which is one of the safer locations for brokerages. And whenever a new broker pops up, we’re glad to look at it as it possibly provides better services than current prevalent ones. So if you’re in search of a new broker, take a look at our Voytegon review!

For starters, we need to say that Voytegon looks much more comprehensive than most crypto brokers. Namely, digital currency brokerages often have the issue of looking like amalgamations. They fuse some features from crypto exchanges and some from brokers and end up as a confusing mess. Even their functionality gets grafted, so they often get conditions that aren’t very useful.

Unlike that, the voytegon.com broker knows what its traders want; a versatile trading experience. There’s no need to invent anything new when the old formula already works. Voytegon provides its traders with the usual trading conditions at a high quality and applies that to crypto. What you get is a great gateway both for crypto traders to understand traditional trading and vice versa.

Needless to say, the website reflects that and is easy to understand and navigate. There’s no excess of information or stuffing that doesn’t mean anything. That makes Voytegon come off as a professional and confident brokerage, which we like seeing. For all the reasons we listed, the first impression for our Voytegon review is fantastic.


Fund and Account Security

Fund and Account Security

Safety is a crucial property for brokers, especially ones that aren’t as budget-friendly as others. Good security protocols can make the difference between a great and horrible trading experience. That’s especially true for brokers in the crypto sphere, which is the favorite target for cyber assailants. Beyond that, it’s important for brokers to have a high trust rating, as they themselves are the primary danger sometimes. With that in mind, let’s look at how Voytegon looks.

For starters, Voytegon operates from the UK, which is meaningful security-wise. A broker’s country of operation dictates the strength of the legislative regulation that controls its behavior. Since it’s easy for online brokerages to change locations, most of the time, the choice is intentional. By that, we mean that the broker doesn’t simply open in its home country but moves to the one that best suits its intentions. So brokers in less trusted countries likely intentionally chose them because of looser regulation.

Further boosting Voytegon’s trust is the fact that it’s actively working on getting regulation. It’s simple to rag on unregulated brokerages, but getting regulated is a timely and costly process. And with most newer brokers choosing to ditch licenses as a whole, even attempting is meaningful. It implies that the broker is constantly making its service safer for users.

Lastly, while you can never know about a broker’s full external security measures, the Voytegon broker seems solid. It has encryption and authentication, which is enough for careful users to remain safe.


The Trading Accounts

Voytegon’s account setup is similar to most brokers, arranging different account options into tiers. Each requires users to reach a higher deposit threshold than the previous and provides better conditions. Voytegon did well in ensuring that the conditions were more in the realm of luxury than competitiveness. As such, traders can have an optimal trading experience regardless of the option they end up choosing. Voytegon has some standout features, such as social trading, access to exclusive groups, and risk-free trades.

The Trading Accounts: voytegon review

platinum, dimond, premium

voytegon.com VIP account


Voytegon’s Trading Platform

Voytegon’s Trading Platform

As we said in our Voytegon review, the broker doesn’t deviate much from the standard formula but improves it. As such, Voytegon does offer the excellent MetaTrader 4 platform that most traders prefer. But it also goes above and beyond, also providing MetaTrader 5 for traders that prefer it. That leads to a more modular experience, where you can pick the option that matches your skillset the best. Furthermore, the broker offers web and mobile trading, increasing convenience and accessibility further.


Funding and Pricing

The voytegon.com broker offers tight spreads across all of its assets with no secret fees. On top of that, the deposits and withdrawals are entirely fee-free, leading to a transparent trading experience. As for funding, the options are all quick, and there are a lot of them, so you’ll find your preferred one. Altogether, the brokerage’s payment structure is entirely fair, and the broker doesn’t take a massive cut of profits.


Trading Products at Voytegon

Voytegon is a versatile brokerage with various trading products in its library. As we said earlier in our Voytegon review, its mix of crypto and traditional trading makes it an excellent choice for people that prefer either and want to explore the other. The choices inside each category are varied, allowing a great degree of experimentation. Here are the asset classes Voytegon offers:

  • Forex
  • Stocks
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrencies


Customer Service at Voytegon

Customer service at Voytegon is fairly standard and follows the regular 24/5 time schedule. You can reach the broker’s operatives either via telephone or email or alternatively, you can fill a form to request a callback.


Phone: +442030053850

Email: [email protected]


Customer Service



Voytegon is one of the leading brokerages at what it does, despite being a new entry in the market. It knows how people like to trade, and offers those conditions without much fluff. It has a leading platform, great pricing, asset variety, and a diverse set of luxury and convenience features. That means you can actually enjoy trading with the voytegon.com broker instead of slogging through it with competitors. Not only that, but the broker presents itself in a comprehensive manner, allowing traders of all levels to join.

From our Voytegon review, it’s fairly apparent that we believe the broker is a strong option for most traders. The initial barrier may be intimidating for some, but we consider the pricing fair and the investment well worth it. As such, if you’re in search of a new versatile, and powerful broker, you can’t go wrong with Voytegon.