FiatVisions Review

FiatVisions Review Review: General Information

Broker Name: FiatVisions

Broker Type: Forex & CFD

Country: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Operating since year: 2021

Regulation: Financial Service Commission (FSC)

Address:  /

Broker status: Active

Customer Service

Phone: +18009721281

Email: [email protected]

Languages: English

Availability: 24/5


The Trading platforms: Proprietary

Trading platform Time zone: /

Demo account: No

Mobile trading: Yes

Web-based trading: Yes

Bonuses: No

Other trading instruments: Yes


Minimum deposit: $5,000

Maximal leverage:  1:400

Spread: Floating

Scalping allowed: Yes

FiatVisions Review: a broker with a state-of-art trading platform

Broker Review: FiatVisions

All General information you need to know

FiatVisions is a new brokerage company that provides forex and CFD trading services.  The firm’s pricing implies that its target group are serious investors with some experience under their belts. Its offices are in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and the firm started operating in 2021. Its excellent features have attracted a ton of investor attention, so we’ve decided to provide some further insight. Our review will tell you whether it’s the right broker to fulfill your trading needs.

Before we dig into the broker’s conditions, it’s important that we go over its website and overall atmosphere. That matters since it’s the first thing users can see and also since it can reveal more about the broker itself. When you’ve been around online brokerages for a while, you learn to recognize scams at a glance. As such, it’s essential for brokers to set up their website in a way that it’s clear they’re a serious company. Luckily, FiatVisions is up to the task, and it quickly becomes apparent why the company garners attention.

For starters, the website looks appealing visually, which is low in the order of importance for brokers. However, while looks themselves don’t matter that much, their implication does. Namely, when a brokerage bothers to craft an appealing webpage, they do more than is expected of them. That translates into the brokers going the extra mile in other areas as well.

And as far as the more important details about go, the broker doesn’t lack there either. It’s fast, simple to navigate, and conveys information exceptionally well. Before we carry on with our FiatVisions broker review, let’s look at some of its interesting properties:

General Information

  • Advanced Technology

Technology has massively assisted the world of online brokerage in becoming what it is today. And as time goes on, finance-related tech only seems to be getting better and better, showing no signs of stopping. And while older brokers seem to have mostly ignored technological advancements, newer companies capitalize on them. As a member of the latter, FiatVisions employs sophisticated tech to bring users a ton of advantages. A large portion of that lies in its platform, which provides an intuitive and frustration-free trading experience.

  • Analytical Capabilities

We mentioned tech earlier in our review, and we should also mention some of its specific benefits. For example, the broker utilizes its complex technology to provide users with the best analytical tools. There are calculators and other things that help with the mathematical side of trading and investing. However, the broker also includes a human element with news, texts, and various improvement materials. The combination makes it easier to both learn to trade and remain on top.

  • Beneficial Prices

Another massively important property that FiatVisions’ complex setup allows it are top-tier prices. The minimization of user costs primarily comes from two areas, trading and fees. In the trading area, the broker provides the best prices by cross-referencing numerous market makers. That means traders get slightly better deals on each trade, which stacks up over time into a significant advantage. The other part of the deal is the absence of fees, meaning less of your money goes to the broker.

Review of Funds Trading and Security with FiatVisions

The Trading Accounts

Safety should always be your primary concern when choosing a new brokerage, especially a long-term one. With advancements in technology, scammers have upgraded as well, and your money isn’t the only thing at risk. Namely, nowadays, scam brokers can sell your info, which can lead to significant issues in the future. Combine that with the potential of losing tons of money, and the importance of safety becomes apparent. However, there are still good brokers out there, and FiatVisions is undoubtedly one of those companies.

Earlier in our FiatVisions broker review, we praised the broker’s website, emphasizing its clarity. That’s because scam brokers never set up their web pages in such a way that potential traders can inform themselves. Instead, they hide everything but the few unrealistic and most likely fake conditions they want you to see. As such, FiatVisions provides good grounds for trust right off the bat and expands on it later.

In a similar vein, the brokerage also has clear and simple-to-read legal documentation. Simple is a relative term here as legalities require some tedious writing, but it’s apparent that the broker did its best. Because of that, these documents become accessible to the everyday trader and don’t require a lawyer to comprehend. Additionally, the documents are free of any malicious terms, which speaks further to FiatVisions’ integrity

Beyond that, the broker also only cooperates with top-tier banks and employs fund segregation. That provides insurance to users even in the worst-case scenario of the broker mismanaging and going under. It also puts another layer of protection over the money customers deposit into their accounts. And even more towards that, the broker has encryption and authentication features, making it more difficult to hack. With that, the broker rounds off its security setup.

Variety of FiatVisions Trading Accounts: Review

The account structure at FiatVisions is one of the things that aids it in becoming a versatile brokerage. It manages to bridge the gap between users with different budget levels, with nobody feeling left out. It manages that by ensuring the upgrades happen with cumulative investments, leading to a stress-free choice. You can either skip the line and go of the high tiers straight away or test the waters first. All the money you put in goes into your trading, so you don’t lose anything either way.

Even the cheapest account is competitive, meaning you can succeed without a massive investment. However, higher tiers do come with benefits, meaning professional investors will have the luxury treatment they’re used to. The broker managed to create a structure where nobody is dissatisfied, which is quite a feat. Here are some details about the account tiers at

The Trading Accounts

FiatVisions Trading Accounts


  • From $5,000
  • Personal account manager
  • Floating Bid/Ask Difference
  • Mobile Trading


  • From $25,000
  • Personal account manager
  • Floating Bid/Ask Difference
  • Mobile Trading


  • From $100,000
  • Personal account manager
  • Fix Bid/Ask Difference
  • Mobile Trading
  • Daily Technical Signals
  • Trading Academy
  • Trading Commissions (up to 20% discount)


  • From $250,000
  • Personal account manager
  • Fix Bid/Ask Difference
  • Mobile Trading
  • Daily Technical Signals
  • Trading Academy
  • Access to Event Room
  • Trading Commissions (up to 30% discount)
  • VIP Trial Period to Event Room


  • Personal account manager
  • Fix Bid/Ask Difference
  • Mobile Trading
  • Daily Technical Signals
  • Trading Academy
  • Access to Event Room
  • Trading Commissions (up to 50% discount)
  • Video Courses
  • Webinars
  • VIP Services

Trading Conditions

We’ve praised the broker’s trading conditions through our FiatVisions review, and it’s time to take a closer look. One of the primary advantages of FiatVisions is that it has an excellent pricing structure. The absence of fees helps all sorts of trading tactics, both those that focus on the short and long term. For example, scalpers are always looking for fee-free trades with tight spreads, which FiatVisions has. On the other hand, long-term investors avoid overnight fees, which FiatVisions doesn’t include.

As such, the broker provides a beneficial experience to all of its traders, all over a top-tier proprietary platform. The broker also has high leverage at 1:400 with low margin requirements, further improving trader chances. The trading account typing is broad, and so is the asset library, leading to a skill-expressive experience. Lastly, the funding has various methods and is quick, minimizing any sort of downtime while trading.

Trading Platform

Trading Platform

The user friendly platform the broker utilizes has been a major point in our FiatVisions broker review. It’s because the platform is what allows the broker to become truly versatile. We already praised its analytical capabilities but should also note that it’s quite intuitive. That makes starting with or transitioning to FiatVisions a simple task. The platform is available through web, mobile, and downloadable options, so all the preferred methods are covered.

FiatVisions’ Trading Products

Earlier in our FiatVisions review, we mentioned that the broker’s asset library had quite some depth to it. It covers the most popular trading material groups with a solid selection inside each. That lets it be a great fit for both traditional investors and those more willing to experiment. Here’s a rundown of the asset selection at

FiatVisions’ Trading Products

  • Major Currencies
  • Global Stocks
  • Equity Indices
  • Hard/Soft Commodities


FiatVisions operates under Global Invest Ltd., based in Fomboni, Island of Mohéli, Comoros Union, with registration number HY00623402. The firm obtained an International Brokerage license (License No. T2023296) from the Mwali International Services Authority (MISA), which regulates its activities according to the International Brokerage Regulation Act by the Agency for Regulation and Development of the Financial Market of Mwali, Comoros Union, Brokerage Services. This regulation allows FiatVisions to legally offer trading services to its clientele, ensuring compliance with the relevant regulatory framework and standards set forth by the authority.

Customer Service

The forex broker’s customer support operates similarly to most brokers, with email, phone, and live chat options. The representatives work 24/5, meaning you can get help all throughout the workweek. The experience and problem-solving skills of FiatVisions’ team ensure minimal downtime while trading.

Phone: +18009721281

Email address: [email protected]

Customer Service

FiatVisions Review: Conclusion

FiatVisions is a capable company that knows how to fulfill customer needs. It does that by ensuring that all the necessary conditions were of a high quality, creating a beneficial experience. The security is airtight, while the support and secure funding support it, patching up any potential holes. The trading itself is also excellent, with great conditions no matter where you look and how you trade. FiatVisions’ pricing puts it above most competitors, making it easier for its customers to achieve and maintain profits.

Needless to say, we’re quite satisfied with how FiatVisions looks. It knows its customers well and created a service that gives them what they want. To finish our review, we’d like to suggest trying FiatVisions for yourself and making use of its top-tier service.