TradeBaionics Review

TradeBaionics Review

General Information

Broker Name: TradeBaionics

Broker Type: Forex and CFD

Country: UK

Operating since year: 2021

Regulation: N/A

Address:  60 Queen Victoria St, London EC4N 4TZ

Broker status: Active


Customer Service

Phone: +442030052502

Email: [email protected]

Languages: English

Availability: 24/5


The Trading platforms: MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5

Trading platform Time zone: N/A

Demo account: No

Mobile trading: Yes

Web-based trading: Yes

Bonuses: Yes

Other trading instruments: Yes


Minimum deposit: $250

Maximal leverage:  1:200

Spread: Floating

Scalping allowed: Yes



TradeBaionics: Review of a broker that gives the best trading directions

Broker Review: TradeBaionics


General Information & First Impressions

TradeBaionics is a new entry in the global online brokerage market that focuses on attracting high-end users. The broker’s services are mostly targeted towards forex trading, but it offers solid trading on other assets via CFDs. TradeBaionics works from a trusted location, with its offices being in the United Kingdom, at 60 Queen Victoria St, London. New brokers always present an exciting opportunity for traders, as there’s a likelihood they can get a more competitive service. If you’re a trader that’s always looking for an edge, read our TradeBaionics review and find out more.

One of the initial things you notice when you sign up with TradeBaionics is that it’s much cleaner than other brokerages. There’s no fluff or excessive promotional material that instantly catches your eye on Instead, the website is much more toned down, in line with what a professional business should look like. Considering that the broker is a high-end company that matches its customer profile. But visuals aside, it also conveys a feeling of confidence and potency from TradeBaioncs.

Most brokers nowadays seem uncertain that their service will attract users by itself. Because of that, they opt to add on tacky statements of how they’re the best company according to themselves. TradeBaionics takes a different route and lets the service speak for itself, which we vastly prefer. It leads to a more user-friendly website where it’s easy to find the information you’re looking for.

Needless to say, we like how the broker handles itslef. It takes users seriously and doesn’t treat them like infants it can easily mislead. That translates to a solid start to our TradeBaionics review.


Fund and Account Security

Fund and Account Security

Safety is one of the primary considerations any trader should have when choosing a new brokerage. With the spread of online retail trading, scam brokers are more prevalent than ever, and they’re just waiting for careless customers. If you’re not cautious, you can easily get scammed, which can turn a solid trading experience into a nightmare. That’s why you need to look for brokerages that are both trustworthy and can fend off outside threats. So let’s look at TradeBaionics and see whether it fulfils those conditions.

For starters, it’s important to note that the broker is actively working on getting regulated, likely by the FCA. As we know, that’s a fairly strict regulator, and obtaining a license takes time and significant funds. So it’s great news that the broker is sinking so much effort into ensuring its customers’ safety. That’s especially crucial in the modern brokerage environment, where most new brokerages opt to function without any regulation.

And while we’re on that topic, it’s also important that the brokerage operates from the UK. As we said earlier in our TradeBaionics review, it operates straight from London. It’s a much stricter place law-wise for brokers than most popular brokerage locations. That confirms TradeBaionics’ honest intentions with its traders.

Lastly, it’s worth noting that the brokerage has encryption and account verification. With those two simple features, it can fend off most hackers that would attempt to steal user info or funds. So as long as you’re sound with your personal cybersecurity, you shouldn’t run into any issues.


The Trading Accounts

The accounts at are fairly straightforward, functioning in a similar way as most brokerage accounts. Each requires a different deposit level and higher types yield more benefits than the lower ones. Some standouts include free informational material and access to exclusive groups, custom offers, and specialist-assisted trading. Overall, the higher account types focus more on convenience and luxury rather than functionality, leading to a fairly equal trading experience.

The Trading Accounts at


TradeBaionics’ Trading Platform

TradeBaionics’ Trading Platform

TradeBaionics offers two of the world’s leading trading platforms in MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5. The two are versatile tools with intuitive interfaces that lead to a smooth and comfortable trading experience. That’s not to mention that both are highly feature-rich and functional, allowing for potent analyses. Lastly, TradeBaionics offers both web and mobile trading as well, making their platform well-rounded. It allows those who feel more comfortable trading via phones to do so and increases your market responsiveness.


Funding and Pricing

As we said in our TradeBaionics review, the broker is quite competent trading-wise. Namely, the funding and pricing stand to be among the leading reasons why you’d want to use TradeBaionics. For starters, the pricing hinges entirely on spreads, without fees on trading or deposits and withdrawals. And getting money in and out of your account isn’t only free; it’s cheap and has varied options. That means the broker guarantees a smooth cash flow for your account, and you can always access your profits.


Trading Products at TradeBaionics

Another important feature at TradeBaionics is its asset versatility. The broker houses all the relevant asset classes via CFDs, proving to be a much more diverse broker than most. Furthermore, each category has a solid variety inside itself, meaning you can find some hidden gems. With both standard and exotic options available, diversification and experimentation both become simple. Here’s a look at the trading instrument classes at

  • Forex
  • Stocks
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrencies


Customer Service at TradeBaionics

TradeBaionics’ support works 24/5 as most brokerages do. You can reach the customer service operatives via phone or email, which you can find on the website. There’s also an option to fill out a form and request a callback for those that find that more comfortable.


Phone: +442030052502

Email: [email protected]


Customer Service at TradeBaionics



TradeBaionics is a versatile company that puts quality over everything else. That creates a great trading atmosphere where your skillful market navigation instantly reflects on your profits. But even if you’re not entirely comfortable yet, the broker offers various supportive features that can assist you. As such, it presents itself as a great option for both less and more experienced traders.

Needless to say, we were content with the broker for our TradeBaionics review. It has versatility, solid pricing and lets users trade their own way. That’s exactly what we look for in high-end brokerages, so definitely give TradeBaionics a go if you’re looking for a new broker.