Stocks Gained Slightly After Volatile Sessions Last Week

Stocks Gained Slightly After Volatile Sessions Last Week

Major stocks climbed up moderately on Thursday after the major sell-off sessions. Stocks experienced a sharp decline on Wall Street in the morning. As a result, the S&P 500 gained less than 1%. European shares also increased insignificantly. However, oil prices recovered fast after they finished the session in the red on Wednesday.

Investors contemplated the United States and Europe’s efforts to offset the damage, as well as the evidence of sharp economic decline. They were disappointed, thinking that authorities’ measures were insufficient. That caused the collapse before the rebound.

Asia-Pacific stocks also recovered moderately on Friday. Shares were trading higher in Hong Kong, Australia, South Korea, and Taiwan, rising by 3 % or more. However, the market was down by 1% in Tokyo in early morning trading.

Economists fear that the unemployment rate will quickly surpass the 10% level it hit during the last recession. They are making dire predictions about the possible damage to the job market.

Patrick Anderson, an economist in Mich, noted that even the Great Recession did not include the shuttering of businesses by government order. At the same time, the authorities tell people to say home and distance themselves. He also stated that the current situation is a body blow to the economy, unlike anything the world has experienced in recent memory.

Tesla suspends production at its car factory from today 

Local government officials and workers pressured Tesla during the last days to stop making cars. The majority of the Bay Area, where the company’s factory is located, is under orders to shelter in place.

The chief executive of Tesla, Elon Musk, issued on Friday that he would temporarily shut down production from Monday at Tesla’s factory in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Before Musk’s announcement, the Fremont Police Department issued that city official and Kimberly Petersen, the chief of Police Department, were planning to meet with Tesla management.

The officials wanted to discuss compliance as Alameda County limited the operations of nonessential businesses. So far, it’s unknown when the factory resumes working due to the coronavirus pandemic.