Rise Predicted for the Taiwan Stock Exchange

Rise Predicted for the Taiwan Stock Exchange

On Friday, the Taiwan Stock Exchange finished the two-day losing streak. The two days of drop ended in losing almost 100 points or 0.9 percent or almost 100 points. The Taiwan stock market now rests just above the 11,565-point plateau. Moreover, it has got a positive lead for the next days.

The global forecast for the Asian markets suggests a mild upside in hopes for a long-awaited trade deal between the United States and China in the near future.

Hong Kong Stocks Revive After a Turbulence Past WeekThe Tokyo Stock Exchange finished a bit higher on Friday. This occurred following mixed performances from technology stocks, the financial shares, and cement companies. The index rose 8.53 points (0.07%)during the day and finish at 11,566.80 after trading between 11,534.15 and 11,577.02.

Among the actives, Mega Financial gained 0.16 percent, Cathay Financial collected 0.83 percent, Fubon Financial rose 0.55 percent, Financial dipped 0.18 percent, E Sun Asia Cement climbed 0.65 percent, First Financial jumped 1.10 percent, Taiwan Cement stock sank 0.59 percent and CTBC Financial was unchanged.

The European and U.S. markets rose on Friday and the Asian markets tend to open in a similar way.

Cautious Optimism Due to a Weak Performance on the Stock Exchange

The lead from Wall Street is cautiously optimistic as stocks showed a weak dynamic on Friday, performing a lack of direction yet managing to end modestly higher.

The Dow stock added 109.33 points (0.39%) to 27,875.62, while the NASDAQ advanced 0.16 percent to 8,519.88 and the S&P 500 added 6.75 points (0.22%) to 3,110.29. For the week, the Dow fell 0.5%, the S&P lost 0.3 percent and the NASDAQ stock eased 0.2 percent.

The rough trading on the day came as traders seemed cautious to make significant moves because of the U.S.-China trade deal uncertainty. According to recent reports, as U.S. and Chinese officials struggle to reach agreement on core issues, the signing of a phase one deal could be postponed until next year.