Nelisiwe Masango – Instincts for the financial markets

Nelisiwe Masango – Instincts for the financial markets

There are many types of Forex traders, from professional traders for financial firms to newbie traders who hope to turn a trading hobby into a lucrative source of income. Among all these types of traders, some have found great success in trading and have been in a position to master their trading methods to generate exceptional profits time and time again. However rare are those females with financial interests and the tools to improve their finances. But Nelisiwe Masango is one of the most influential businesswomen in South Africa. So let’s see more about Nelisiwe Masango’s biography and her take on the trading profession.

Who is Nelisiwe Masango?

Nelisiwe Masango is South African successful businesswoman, financial expert, and Forex trader. She is also operating three companies and is Director of Bear Run Investment.

She is very passionate about investing and business despite being 23 years old. When you meet this young lady from Boksburg, you notice she freely speaks her mind.

According to her, she hates to say where she is from. It’s enough to mention she is from the suburbs of Johannesburg. The thing that inspires her most is helping others, which is the reason she started the company Nelisiwe Masango Bear Run Investments in 2013.

She started the company after witnessing so many people get caught in the vicious circle of poverty and web of pyramid schemes and get rich quick businesses. She felt she ought to help educate people on the proper investment channels.

Also, she wanted to introduce them to registered and regulated investment companies.

Masango is always dedicated to teaching people how to make profits on the market, especially Forex.

Furthermore, she teaches them how to reinvest, make most of the compounding effect, and reinvest their profits into more sustainable asset classes.


Nelisiwe Masango dreamt of becoming a brain surgeon. According to her school results, she was a great candidate to become one.

But her interest in business and investing was stronger. According to her, she felt more in a position to help others by becoming a financial expert. She wanted to help other people grasp the secrets of financial investment.

Nelisiwe Masango attended the Haut de Boksburg. She was well-rounded there, and she fell in love with the arts. She also took a year off to open a dance school in 2010.

Finally, she decided to go to varsity the following year. In 2011, she began a B.Com degree in Entrepreneurial Management. But she decided to quit after her freshman year.

Then she went on to invest, where she learned about how the investment world operates. After leaving the varsity, she started trading stocks, teaching herself how to trade on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

The significant influence she has come from the movie ‘Pursuit of Happyness.’ She has watched this movie millions of times. And the fact that it is a movie based on a true story motivated her to start her own business.

Nelisiwe Masango Bear Run Investments

In 2013, she started a company called Bear Run Investments. Masango gave herself the time to learn and grow the company business.

At first, it was difficult, because the company had no money. But now, it has grown, and it is making decent profits.

This young businesswoman turned her passion into pure success in the investment world. Now she is about to reap the rewards, recently spoiling herself with a new luxury car in the process.

Starting her business with no money has taught her a lot, such as how to network with the right people and manage the value of money. Masango expanded her business interests and established two other companies.

One is the recruiting agency ‘Gentle Hands Agency.’ The second is “FeFine,” which stands for “Women with Finance.” The latter business aims to promote financial literacy and financial independence for women.

In addition to her business commitments, 23-year-old Masango decided to return to school by completing her studies part-time.

She wants the title of Dr in front of her name, even if it’s not a doctor like she expected. “I promised my mother that I would be a doctor, so I became one,” Masango sneered.  Investment analyst Gary Booysen, a portfolio manager/director at Rand Switzerland, said he thinks she stumbled upon “an upcoming company star.”

Nelisiwe Masango investment tips

Learn Trading Step by Step

According to Nelisiwe Masango, as with any new learning, trading requires starting with the basics and moving forward slowly but surely.

Invest with a demo account first before switching to small amounts of real money, and keep in mind the old adage “when you wait.”

Keeping a cool head helps you stay rational to make informed choices. Any time you let your emotions get the best of you, you put yourself at unnecessary risk. Exercising emotion management in your trading helps you minimize risk.

Trading Forex Stress-Free

This is a forex tip that seems obvious because it is. But guess what? Trading under stress usually leads to irrational decisions, and in trading for real money, foolish choices can be costly.

However, you probably don’t want to waste any money learning the basics, do you? Lucky for you, trading on a demo account doesn’t cost anything: it’s free! Nelisiwe Masango absolutely recommends using it.

Stock Market Advice – Psychology is the Key in Trading

Every trader is a psychologist at heart. When planning your next intervention, you need to analyze market movements and revisit your psychology. You need to ask yourself:

What prompted me to choose this particular currency pair?

Mastering your psychology protects you against many losses throughout your journey in the financial markets.

Trading Tips – In Financial Markets, No-Risk No Success

There is no magic recipe or trick to guarantee success. You must have already accepted the possibility of failure. If not, you are now warned.

It is impossible to win 100% of the time: all traders suffer losses. They are part of the game. Do not let yourself be swayed by false advertisements promising you wonders. Instead, be realistic about your trading methods and goals.