Jabulani Ngcobo – Lessons of financial education

Jabulani Ngcobo – Lessons of financial education

Jabulani Ngcobo acquired the alias – “Cashflow” with very good reason. This is due to Jabulani Ngcobo’s cash flow properties. He leads a very public and flashy lifestyle with a stylish cash flow depicted with cars and more.

Jabulani Ngcobo is a self-made man whose value is estimated at 2.4 million dollars. He is also a forex legend and published a biography called “CashFlow Naked.”

Early life

Born in 1985, today, Jabulani Ngcobo is regarded as one of the richest forex traders in South Africa. He is a self-made businessman and therefore has quite a bit of respect.

He has also written a book called Cashflow Naked. It’s much more than a biography, and it also offers valuable education on finances. Ngcobo, like many other successful businessmen in South Africa, had to grow, little by little, in scale.

He comes from a disadvantaged background. His success is really worth emulating and what is highlighted. His success could be higher or lower, but one thing is pretty clear about his success. Jabulani has been determined and willing to do whatever it takes to be successful.

Therefore, there is no doubt that he could be a role model for those who wish to be successful in their lives. He quotes an adage – ‘where there is a will, there is a way,’ and he could perhaps be a living testimony to this adage.

Jabulani Ngcobo net worth

How much is Jabulani Ngcobo worth? Jabulani Ngcobo’s approximate net worth in 2019 is around $ 2.4 million.

From a security perspective, investment is important for each of us – especially for our future. How we choose to invest is completely up to the individual, as everyone has different preferences. Some invest in stocks, others in commodities, mutual funds and bank deposits, buy gold, etc. In recent years, currency trading has grown into a profitable business, and more and more people are choosing currency trading as a form of investment.

In contrast, forex trading grows like anything, and there is no turning back. New Forex brokers are entering the market every day, just like forex traders.

Surprisingly, forex trading attracts more young people whose wish is to maximize their profits. Therefore, currency trading is a huge success in the modern age: accompanied by many successful and reliable brokers, people trade well and make a fortune.

In South Africa, currency trading is very popular, and in recent years, even though they do not come from wealthy families, many young people are dependent on currency transactions.

Despite the pros and cons of currency trading, many people lost money, while many managed to get rich through trading wisely. So let us know one of the wealthiest foreign currency millionaires in South Africa.

Mr Cashflow’s road to success

Jabulani Ngcobo is one of South Africa’s richest currency traders with an estimated net worth of $ 2.4 billion. A self-taught millionaire, he wrote a book called “Naked Cash Flow,” which is a biography and a financial education course.

Ngcobo comes from a bad background, but his life is a perfect example of if someone makes up their minds, they can succeed, no matter where they go.

Jabulani Ngcobo, Mr Cashflow’s adventure to success, has not been easy. Mr Cashflow had to work smart and hard to get to where he is right now.

However, he has been the victim of several fraud accusations. These landed him on the wrong side of the law on several occasions. So, where is he today? And what is his net worth today?

Jabulani Ngcobo, referred to as Mr Cashflow, is a South African entrepreneur, motivator speaker, and author of several books.

He is the founder and CEO of Cash Flow properties. It’s a South African forex trading investment company. Over time, he managed to become one of Durban’s youngest self-made millionaires. It was when he was 27.

How old is Jabulani Ngcobo? His early life is surrounded by the veil of mystery. However, we know Mr Cashflow was born on 29th May 1985 in Durban, South Africa. He is now 36 years old.

We know little about his family and early life. But he once posted through an Instagram post that his parents passed away and that his grandmother passed away in September 2021. He also has a sister named Mpumehmeh.

Jabulani Ngcobo family and marriage

Jabulani Ngcobo Mr Cashflow proposed to his longtime partner, social media influencer Tumi Links. That was in April 2021.

The marriage ceremony was an extravagant all-white party at the Four Seasons Resort in Johannesburg. In attendance were several A-list guests, including Ayanda Ncwane, Connie Ferguson, Shawn Mkhize, and Sophia Ndaba.

Tumi Links and Jabulani were in an off-on relationship for many years. Finally, he decided to pay lobola in an intimate ceremony in May 2021. They now have three children they are raising named Luwigy, Amara, and Letho.

Jabulani Ngcobo’s career

Jabulani Cashflow Ngcobo has done various things to make a living. Mr Cashflow once worked at Toyota for a period of eight months.

In 2016, he founded a debt collection company. After that, he ventured into a stock market-related business. Ngcobo Launched his brand Cashflow Pro in 2009.

It was rebranded from Smart FX Pro. The company’s objective is to empower individuals to become professional forex traders by offering trading courses and mentorship. But now, because of controversies related to his business, the cash flow pro seems to be inactive.

Mr Cashflow has also been involved in various types of businesses and investments, such as motivational speaking and stock exchange lectures.

 He has held seminars and given lectures in different areas and towns across South Africa.

He has even been giving motivational speeches in other countries, including Botswana. Ngcobo is also one of the best-selling authors. In 2018, he published a famous book titled Cashflow Naked. This book talks about how he became a successful Forex trader.

The book also offers many financial tips to people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

In 2019, Mr Cashflow and Mzabalazo Welcome Dlamini were under accusation of several counts of fraud and contravening section of the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services. They were found guilty. Ans was sentenced to six years imprisonment.

Fraud accusations led him to several legal problems. But he managed to rise like a Fenix and prove that dedication and persistence are the core values of professional Forex traders.