Luxury fashion brands use technology to get more profit

Luxury fashion brands use technology to get more profit

Technology is an essential part of our everyday lives. It continues to change and evolve to make life easier for mankind. Technology has developed life into a fine balance of production and convenience. As a result, we can now complete day-to-day tasks much faster and with much less effort.


Furthermore, developments touched every sector. It becomes especially prominent after the coronavirus pandemic. Luxury fashion houses such as Chanel or Balmain are using technology to deliver excellent customer service and luxurious shopping experience.


Luxury fashion brands have gained billions of dollars in revenue, thanks to technological advancements. When it comes to brand strategy, the most important part is to reach the right target audience. Brands must continue to use various media platforms to communicate their message to a global audience. However, they must also consider that not everyone can readily afford high-ticketed product offerings.


Establishing brand awareness is essential as it allows the brand to speak to a customer. And for the majority of customers, the sufficiency of technology defines the rules of luxury. French fashion houses such as Celine are already taking comfort in technological advancements in the fashion arena.


The tourism industry has grown tremendously in recent times, and the travel industry has seen great interest in the luxury travel vacation experience. Furthermore, people are more open to experience traveling abroad with the finest modified luggage and travel gear by their favorite brands.


Since the coronavirus outbreaks, the meticulous attention to detail for luxury fashion travel is also in safety. Louis Vuitton has recreated the whole collection by understanding the modified traveler’s needs and requirements realistically. Consumers are seeking lightweight, durable, sustainable, and tech-savvy luggage.


Technology is largely responsible for luxury brand awareness 

Luxury fashion brands


Technology is making luxury living more expedient with smart, innovative solutions that enrich the luxury lifestyle. For example, the transition to online buying with delivery options enables customers to purchase products at the convenience of their own home.


According to Investopedia, people mostly perceive non-luxury goods to be inferior simply because these offerings are classified as non-luxury. Furthermore, consumers conclude that higher priced goods are better in quality and style. Technology fuels this need as it makes it easy for brands to showcase luxury products to as many people as possible. The prestige and sense of class that comes with owning a luxury piece is part of the luxury living experience.


Luxury fashion and accessories were not always readily accessible. In the past, consumers had to visit a luxury brand’s shop to catch a glimpse of these luxury items. This may have added to the luxury experience. Still, the results in terms of income to luxury brands are incomparable to what it is today, and all with the help of advancements in e-commerce technology.


Luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci acknowledged that they must engage with their consumers in new ways. They have leveraged on social media to gain massive publicity, achieve brand loyalty, and reach the millennials and generation Z.


Ralph Lauren is deliberately making the brand attractive to millennials and generation Z buyers, as millennials and the generation following it account for the recent increase in luxury buying. It’s a wise move for brands to focus their marketing efforts on them.

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