Five Must-have technologies during the Covid-19 pandemic

Five Must-have technologies during the Covid-19 pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic changed the world and our perception of our lives. The virus is in the air, on things or clothes. Nowhere is safe from it. Thankfully, there are some measures to stay moderately secure. But life doesn’t stand still. While we can hoard food and stay locked in our homes, this arrangement doesn’t work so well in the long-term. We need to work to survive. That’s where technology comes in handy. We can do so much from our homes thanks to the Internet, Al, and other technologies. Here are some must-have techs that will help you during the pandemic.


Contactless payment


In the past, modes of payment were restricted to cheques and cash. However, the world has come far in the technology on how the financial transactions are handled from plastic debit cards to Virtual cards. There are also Phone banking, Online banking, and even watch banking.


Contactless payments don’t involve physical touch in multiple locations. Governments encourage the current payment modes and leveraging the technology of UPI, Online Payments, and Virtual cards. They became even more important as they enable us to avoid infection by paper money.


Smart homes


Home is the most important place in the world, especially during a pandemic. Our homes became an office, school, movie theatre, and a gym. However, you can’t really transform your house into one of these things permanently. It just isn’t right. But you can alternate and use another solution – use smart home technology to transform the home into a virtual experience of a school or a theatre.


A Smart home can change a whole living experience using the themes matching with the environment. For example, it can match a movie theatre by locking the door, closing the curtains, dimming the lights, switching the tv, microwave starting to pop the corn with just voice command or a click. It’s a fabulous technology that helps us experience being in different places while actually in one place.


Online streaming


We spend much more time at home after the Covid-19 outbreaks. So, we need to make ourselves relaxed and entertained by replacing going out with activities at home.


OTTs & Music Streaming services with the comfort of our own couch will help us with that goal, along with access to the theatre like audio & video quality. The production houses feature their new releases on the OTT platforms. Considering that we are unable to go to the cinemas or theatres to actually watch all these new releases or plays, subscribing to OTTs and Music Streaming services is the best second thing we can do.


Online learning

Five Must-have technologies during the Covid-19 pandemic


Before the pandemic, Online-Learning was mostly confined to professional training courses or distance learning. However, doctors give us recommendations to avoid crowded places due to pandemic. As a result, even children attend their lessons via online platforms, and schools operate virtually.


TWS earbuds


First, truly wireless earbuds appeared in 2017 as a major mobile phone maker brought in wireless audio technology into the world. Presently, major manufacturers are following the trend of a TWS (Truly Wireless) Earbuds, which has a range of options for almost every price range.


With continuous calls during the day, it is important to keep track of our wellbeing. While using TWS Earbuds, one can move around instead of being seated in front of the screens the whole time.

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