George van der Riet – Studious application of strategies

George van der Riet – Studious application of strategies

George Van Der Riet began his trading career by regularly learning about the forex market before making his first investment. He was born and raised in Cape Town and furthered his education in Manchester.

During his time in the UK, he worked in financial institutes such as banking and the forex industry. The experience gained helped Van der Riet to become a professional and one of the most successful forex traders in South Africa.

Since then, George has built an excellent reputation and been offered various positions by various South African companies. However, he decided to go to the forex market on his own. In 2010, Van Der Riet met Sandile Shezi, whom he personally mentored for several years. Currently, George Van Der Riet heads the Global Forex Institute alongside Sandile Shezi.

George Van Der Riet’s net worth stands at around $20 million. Van der Riet’s car passion makes him even richer since he has an enviable collection.

George Van der Riet: Early days

George is changing the world in his own way. He’s one recognized entrepreneur in South Africa falling into the list of the famous South African millionaires because of Forex trading.

He was born and raised in Cape Town. He is 39 years old. Most of his young days he spent within the country. Later on, he relocated to London to further his studies.

George Van der Riet’s education and first work experience

He graduated from Manchester University, which allowed him to proudly step into the world of businesses. After finishing school, he worked with a couple of banks as a forex trader. He also got the prospect to take part in international financial institutions. From this, he gained more entrepreneurial knowledge and skills that came in handy in later feats.

George Van der Riet returns back to South Africa

In 2010, George came back to South Africa. He wished to continue with forex trading. And also met a young enthusiast, Sandile Shenzi.

The latter was dedicated to becoming a millionaire. With allied forces, they came up with a corporation popular as the Global Forex Institute.

It deals with currency trading. It’s often aimed toward helping people get effective in Forex trading and makes them successful as professional Forex traders.

Sandile Shezi

Sandile Shezi is a controversially successful forex trader. The story may not be unique, but it still deserves mention. Shezi decided to start his forex trading career by putting in a full year of tuition in the forex market.

After his first investment, he was able to make a remarkable profit which finally put him at the top of the list of the best forex traders in South Africa.

Currently, Sandile is the owner of the Global Forex Institute, where he acts as a teacher for young African entrepreneurs. He teaches his students about Forex trading, how to understand the tools and the markets, the steps to creating a powerful trading strategy, and how to be successful in trading.

While his story has a happy and profitable ending, he advises young traders not to risk an amount of money that is supposed to cover living expenses.

Sandile Shenzi was ready to achieve his objectives with the assistance of George Van de Riet. Now they are recognized together as the youngest millionaires in South Africa.

He’s now also ready to lift his community due to the fact he hails from a poor background. George, on the other hand, became the director at Forex trading and training company global forex institution. Within the last three years, George has organized the African Forex Cup in Africa. Currently, George deals mostly with interbank brokerage solutions.

The journey

In his trading journey, George started from the basics, and with time he rose to be one of the most prominent forex traders in South Africa.

He also became the head of the monetary trading department. Later became head of digital marketing and strategist for the campaigns.

His way of life is pretty enviable for others. Besides his business success and the top positions in the company, he is known to lead a very luxurious life. George is a great fan of expensive cars.

His collection encompasses R-3 million cars. He’s within the limelight because of his luxurious life. We forget to mention that George is a reformed jailbird. Bearing that in mind, you have the whole perspective about what type of adventure his life could be.

Now he is a family guy but not very prone to talk and post about a family on social media. He is very active on social media like Linked in and Instagram, but his private life is not something he will talk about. He is married and has a two years old daughter.

The luxurious life he earned by applying George van der Riet’s trading strategy made him the prey for the robbers. There is a really dramatic episode from his life on the streets of London when thieves tried to rob him.

The robbers ended up dead since George tried to defend his own life. It’s not a nice story, and it’s an illustration of the amount of others’ jealousy George is enticing wherever he goes.

George was, however, accused of murder and pleaded guilty to killing the Philippino person in the centre of London in August 2010. At that moment, all of his accounts were frozen due to the fact that he was also charged for drug trafficking.

His comeback

The drama being over, he opens a Forex trading account at a brokerage company and deposits as much as $200. It really didn’t take him long to get back on his feet with his trading strategy. After only six months, he managed to reap huge profits, becoming a millionaire for the second time.

George van der Riet was particularly ready to rise in media eyes, and as a very peculiar person, he didn’t stop to draw the attention of the public in South Africa. In 2014 he earned South African Forex Cup and appeared on the list of the most famous traders in South Africa.

The GFI, one of his projects, is aimed to offer top-notch training in the Forex sector for rookies and professionals. There are many entrepreneurs who enrolled in his training and were under his mentorship which are now successful Forex traders making millions.