GoCrypto: Cryptocurrencies Now in more than 530 EU Stores.

GoCrypto: Cryptocurrencies Now in more than 530 EU Stores.

GoCrypto , is now setting its sights on expanding to other parts of Europe. It aims to reach the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Serbia, Turkey, and Bulgaria.

If you are hearing about GoCrypto for the first time. Let me tell you about it.  GoCrypto is a new platform that offers the easiest way to get crypto at your local online store. This instant payment platform helps startups and new businesses by simplifying payment methods.  GoCrypto offers access to an ever-growing number of consumers. Merchants can breathe freely and enjoy low transaction fees that are unmatched by rivals. In addition, the company provides an easy way of accepting custodial and noncustodial crypto wallets.

A whole new range of cryptocurrencies accepted

GoCrypto believes that everyone wants to join the crypto exchange party. The company says statistics surrounding demand for crypto transaction amount went straight up.

The platform makes sure that the process of making or accepting crypto payments is as straightforward, regulated and official as possible.

The most important part is that the company is following the new crypto tendency that is very popular right now in the digital world.  Crypto should become more user-friendly and easy for everyone to reach. That is why no prior knowledge of this industry or blockchain is needed to use the GoCrypto platform. In addition, merchants do not need to train their staff or educate their consumers about the payment method.


Encouragement in marketing and partnerships for consumers’ sake

GoCrypto offers infrastructure that is solely designed to be beneficial for the traders. The brand says that it’s offering to make payments more straightforward than ever in crypto history.  It plans to deliver delivering the kind of digital smoothness that has been reserved for mobile-based fiat offerings until now.

Eligma’s Elly wallet delivers simplicity by removing complications surrounding exchange rates. It makes transactions as effortless as scanning a QR code. Through this crypto wallet, all payments can result in cashback of up to 2%. The company offers the fastest products on the market so far. Eligma’s Elly also aims to solve the problem with loyalty schemes. Its approach involves revolutionizing the status quo.  This is an easy way of purchasing digital currencies. Also, Elly delivers an accessible gateway for those who have never used digital currencies before.

Eligma has been working hard on creating new partnerships. So that it could get its technology, products, and a variety of other offers in front of a global audience. The main goal is to make crypto a part of everyday life. One such collaboration is with the Pangea Blockchain Fund and Bitcoin.com.