Artificial Intelligence Startup Cresta and its Innovations

Artificial Intelligence Startup Cresta and its Innovations

Silicon Valley’s entrepreneurs’ group around the worldview that artificial intelligence will change the way how we work. Investors are deciding which use cases are most profitable to pump money into right now. One focus has been the constant communication between customers and companies that takes place at call centers, for example.

Call center tech developed dozens, if not hundreds of artificial intelligence startups. Many of those startups focused on using robotic voices and automating services for pointing customers somewhere they can spend money. The was tremendous progress, but not all of those products were successful. Cresta’s focus is on using artificial intelligence suggestions to help human contact center workers make the most of chat sessions and individual calls. It also helps them to lean on what’s worked well in the past interactions that were successful.

Cresta is a company that uses artificial intelligence for the human side. Cresta agents are guided through each step of customer interaction based on the unique language, psychology, and behavior of the industry best practices and top performers. Thus, automated repetitive backend processes allow agents free to do more, and data capturing is more accurate.

Usually, rote agent assists and chatbots are depersonalizing and frustrating users. Nevertheless, Cresta puts its focus on the excellence of human interactions. All in all, Cresta clears away the clutter for the agents while arming them the guidance of real-time that proves to work for the unique businesses.

Cresta and Artificial Intelligence

Zayd Enam is the CEO of the Cresta. He thinks that frequently asked questions are necessary boring stuff which there will always be and that can be automated. For example, “What’s the status of my order?” Nevertheless, the role of the person who builds the relationship between the customer and the company is enormous. In the modern age, it is a strategic role for all companies.

Artificial Intelligence

Sebastian Thrun is Udacity co-founder. He also a startup’s board chairman and is a co-founder. Enam and Thrun, during their Ph.D. research at Stanford, focused on workplace productivity. Cresta launched from stealth and announced that it raised $21 million in funding from investors. Investors include Andreessen Horowitz and Greylock Partners. The company has recently closed a $15 million Series A round.

Cresta wants to use artificial intelligence to teach salespeople and customer service workers on how to close the deal.

In contact center jobs, there is quite a lot of turnovers. It leaves companies reticent to spend a ton of time investing in each employee’s training. Usually, there are some inherent issues where the workers don’t have the experience necessary to suggest a solution; nevertheless, they are still interacting with an individual customer. Sometimes they need to go through paper scripts at their desks. Cresta wants to make improvements in natural language processing, so their software can help to alleviate some stress for the contact center works. They want to help me moving conversations in the direction of selling something else for their company.  Let’s see how the start-up will succeed. Professionals around the start-up are working hard.