USGFX Reports Soaring Numbers In Profit For FY2021

USGFX Reports Soaring Numbers In Profit For FY2021

The renowned brokerage, United Strategic International Limited announced a £93,830 profit for the financial year 2021, ending on March 31. This was a solid result released compared to the previous year’s loss of £347,572.

Over the past year, the brokerage has recorded strong compound annual growth in local currency. This UK-regulated company achieved another milestone with a total turnover of £1.27 million for the period.

United Strategic International Limited also plans a strategic next wave to expand its growth. The investment will further expand capabilities to help the company clients, the people who serve them, and the communities in which its team operates, to successfully navigate unprecedented global challenges.

“Going forward we plan to enhance our processes, the customer journey, the spreads we offer across all markets. We look to maintain and build relationships with trusted partners who will play a vital role in improving the services we offer to our clients.


Breaking Financial Odds

The closing down of the brokerage operations in Australia brought some state of contention. The establishment is currently steered under the court-appointed administrators, receiving claims from creditors.

Beyond shifting its offices from Australia, United Strategic International Limited rebranded. This triggered the launching of a new office in the UK. On top of it, the company generated a tagline that represented its evolution into a multi-asset brokerage and reflects its modern approach to investments and finance.

The company expanded to South Africa as well as St. Vincent and the Grenadines. United Strategic International Limited also parted from the controversial owner Hien Min Soe, who was blamed for the troubles in Australia.

The broker offers regulated financial services, which include forex and CFDs. The company continues to serve both professional and retail traders.

“Clients are namely from the United Kingdom, but the firm also offers its services to other 3rd country jurisdictions in compliance with FCA and ESMA guidelines. The firm will continue to grow the business organically, building the client base and further improving the client on-boarding experience and entire customer journey,” the filing stated.