Ukraine Accuses Russia for Cyberattack on Authority Websites

Ukraine Accuses Russia for Cyberattack on Authority Websites

Ukraine names a suspect in a cyber-attack that has destroyed dozens of government websites. The Ukrainian Ministry of Digital Transformation blamed Russia for the attack; Also in the “hybrid war,” which means undermining confidence in the Ukrainian government; also, “destabilizing” the already tense situation. Although officials do not specify the evidence; Who linked the attack to Russia, Microsoft shared the details on Saturday; Which suggests that responsibility should be placed on a hostile nation.

The firm’s Hazard Intelligence Center mentioned that the code was entirely destructive malware changed as a ransom. Equipped with a Bitcoin wallet, ransom note, and encrypted message identifier. However, not with a recovery mechanism; it deletes the Master Boot Record. Also, it downloads malware; Which is only for damaged files. All known targets are in Ukraine. Consequently, there are no tangible links between this campaign and other groups.

Russia denies any involvement in the cyberattack. Putin’s spokesman noted that Ukraine has everything to do with Russia, even the weather. Its political opponents have long accused Russia of using cyberattacks; These include the U.S., Ukraine, and European countries.

Microsoft Announcement on Cyberattack

Microsoft said it is not sure about the current stage of the hacker operation or the extent of the damage. Consequently, it is still unknown whether there were any other victims in Ukraine or abroad. However, it is safe to assume that the timing of the attack is problematic, regardless of the culprit. Ukraine and its allies have worried about signs of an imminent Russian invasion for months. The United States said on January 14 that Russia was planning a false flag operation to help justify the charge. The cyber-attack appears to be exacerbating ongoing tensions. This may further weaken Ukraine’s government infrastructure at a critical juncture.

According to Microsoft, the malware identification happened on Thursday; it Was disguised and is in danger of infecting computers; it Also makes them inoperable if activated by the attacker. The company noted that the malware was on dozens of damaged systems; However, that number may increase as the investigation continues. The plans include several nonprofit, government, and information technology organizations. They locate in Ukraine.

According to Microsoft, the malicious program has affected government agencies. This also applies to the I.T. firm that oversees the websites as public; Also for private sector clients. Some agency websites have been temporarily shut down. Hackers reportedly left messages; On a further worse attack. Concerns followed Microsoft’s announcement in the U.S.; Rising tensions between Russia and Ukraine may have prompted Moscow to launch hacking operations. It is worth noting that Ukraine was the target of Russian hacking attempts in the past. U.S. officials also warn that Russia’s threat of a war against Ukraine is growing dangerously dangerous, detrimental to each country globally.