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General Information
Regulations and Licensing
Account Types
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General Information

  • Broker Name: TopInvestus
  • Broker Type: Forex
  • Country: –
  • Operating Since (Year): 2009
  • Regulation: –
  • Address: –
  • Broker status: Not regulated

Customer Service

  • Phone: +442037691054
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Languages: English, German, Spanish
  • Availability: –


  • Trading platforms: MT4
  • Demo account: Yes
  • Mobile trading: Yes
  • Web-based trading: Yes
  • Bonuses: No
  • Other trading instruments: No


  • Minimum deposit ($): $250
  • Maximal leverage: –
  • Spread: –
  • Scalping allowed: – Review – Scammer or no?

On a daily basis, we are faced with brokers that steal and scam people out of thousands of dollars. How can we protect ourselves from being lied to online? By doing thorough research about the broker. That is what we specialize in: researching the truth. Our tenure and experience allow us to spot brokers that are lying to their clients. We have found enough scammers and have helped enough people to be proud of our work, and we will not stop. grabbed our interest due to the online allegations and reviews, so we decided to dig in ourselves. We found that all of the allegations were, in fact, true, and is a scamming broker. Continue reading our review to find out our reasons.

TopInvestus Regulation regulations and licensing

The easiest way to spot a scammer is to look at their legal documents on their website. In the case of, its quite evident from the start.

They only have the most basic uploads: terms and conditions, deposit and withdrawal policies, risk disclosure, privacy policy. But what caught our eye was the Anti Money Laundering law document, without any regulation licenses or registration numbers added on to it. Additionally, they have “Know Your Customer” disclosures, which means that they are trying to come off as regulated but, in reality, are not.

Both AML and KYC are regular additions to regulated brokers, but when unregulated brokers post these documents, it means that they are trying to find a way to scam people. These two laws allow brokers to ask for personal documentation, such as ID, Driver’s license, pictures of bank statements, proof of address, and credit card information.

Though this might seem harmless, unregulated brokers like use these documents to prove to banks that they are, in fact, deserving of the money. If you willfully send them your documents, they can use that against you in court in case of a suit or allegations. You shared that kind of personal information at your own risk. Thus they can’t be held liable.

Account Types at – Scam?

TopInvestus Review: Account Types

The account types at TopInvestus are very alarming, as they list no actual information at all. These are your options: field, hill, mountain, and sky is the limit accounts.

Minimum deposits vary, ranging from 250-50,000 euros. There are no commissions, which looks like a sweet deal. They offer MT4 and Status Webtrader as their platform. Available both for iOS and Android, as well as a desktop and web-based software. The leverage is 1:30 maximum and 1:5 minimum, which seems like the only legitimately safe advantage at this broker. Spreads range from 1.3 to 0.1, and margin calls are 80%.

The part which seems shocking to us is the rest, the X’s and V’s found on the website. We are not at all sure what this means. As well as bonuses listed “as preferred.” The vagueness in their account type descriptions is too sketchy for us to pretend we can’t see it.

TopInvestus Account Descriptions

Assets and Trading Instruments – scammers offers the basic selection of trading instruments to their clients: forex, commodities, shares, cryptocurrencies, and indices. We did not find anything alarming about this part of their website. That was until we went to each of the separate pages. None of the pages describe what kind of assets they provide. The only information lists are the overall description of the asset, which anyone can google and find online. Usually, high-quality brokers give the full list of their assets – one by one, even sometimes listing different spreads for each of them. In the case of, there’s none, so we are sure they are a scam.

TopInvestus Trading Instruments

Conclusion – will scam you

We are 100% sure when we say that is a scam. Our review aims to prove that, and if you find it hard to believe you can go online and see the responses from their previous clients.

Overall, their account types, no regulations, and asset descriptions lead us to believe that is not to be trusted. Their website also crashes and needs to be reloaded to show the graphs update, which they also copied from a popular site. For an independent broker calling themselves the best in the industry, it’s shocking how they can’t even build an analytical chart on their own.

Trade with them at your own risk – is a scam.

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