Avait.Investments Review

General Information

Broker Name: Avait.investments

Broker Type: forex, CFD

Country: Offshore

Operating since year: 2018

Regulation: N/A

Address: N/A

Broker status: unregulated


Customer Service

Phone: +390280889452

Email: [email protected]

Languages: English

Availability: N/A



Trading platforms: MT4

Trading platform Time zone: N/A

Demo account: N/A

Mobile trading: yes

Web-based trading:  yes

Bonuses: N/A

Other trading instruments: N/A



Minimum deposit ($): 250

Maximal leverage: 1:200

Spread: N/A

Scalping allowed: N/A


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Avait.Investments Review


In all industries today, you come across both good and bad entities. It is our job to search the internet and expose bad brokers and give praise to good brokers. We are skilled in identifying whether a broker is worth investing in. We manage this by looking through their websites and understand what they have to offer. Often, scammers are easy to notice. Once we pick up on them, we write reviews like this to grow awareness, save traders from scammers and to help fix the industry’s name. With the right broker, getting involved with a broker can be the one of the best decisions you make. Reviews of brokers like Avait.Investments scams are important to ensure you work with the right one. And that is exactly why we are here; to help you make your final decision. We are here to guide you to end up satisfied with the right broker.

So, what were we able to deduce from Avait.Investments? Well, they are complete scammers. The first giveaway is their poorly built website. It turned out to be the opposite of user-friendly. It was very difficult and  bothersome to use because it was constantly crashing. What does that really mean? Well, it honestly just shows how little Avait.Investments.com really cares. This Avait.Investments review aims to point out how careless they are truly are. It is crucial to understand that their disinterest to put effort into their website is a clear indicator of they are only in it for the one money deposit. Moreover, the site is very vague and does not provide any information of substance. It is likely that they just copied information from other sites or even google to create the illusion of a knowledgeable broker. This is another alarming thing about this broker.

Avait.Investments Review


Account Types with Avait.Investments


According to their website, there are three basic acocunt types. However we have very limited information about them. The way scammer like Avait.Investments scams work is that they lure in inexperienced traders through the internet and provide very basic information. Then, they leave their contact information and wait to be contacted. Once they manage to bait traders and get them on the phone, we can only assume the lies they have prepared.

Account Types with Avait.Investments

The professional seeming individuals that you end up speaking to, will lure you in with very tempting offers. They will seem very skilled and informed. They will tell you that they were chosen to work on your case and that they will be managing your account. These Avait.Investments scammers will try everything to get you to deposit some amount of money on the account. They may pretend that they will reward you with bonuses if you deposit money. These are all lies. These scammers will twist their words and truth to ensure that you are convinced giving them your money is the best thing for you. They specifically target people who are naïve and new to the trading world. They are the easiest to get the most money from. Moreover, they use illegal tactics to gain leads and then take money from those who are clueless. These scammers take from all sorts of people – they steal retirement funds, lifetime savings etc. So please read this review with caution.

Assets and Trading Instruments for Avait.Investments Review


Avait.Investments offer all sorts of assets. They basically copy what reputable brokers would offer to their clients and are trying to recreate an impression to make them seem trustworthy. But they don’t mention any specific assets – only generic ones to attract the right crowd. In addition to all this, they also are not affiliated with MT4 or MT5 to provide as a platform for trading for their traders. The more we keep looking into their site, the more red flags pop up. And it is important that they are not ignored. Otherwise you can end up in a very terrible situation. Since we want to help people avoid that at all costs, we are being extremely transparent about this Avait.Investments’ scams.

Assets and Trading Instruments for Avait.Investments Review


Overall, all we can say is that Avait.Investments are massive scammers. We can advise that no one work or invest with this broker. They will end up very disappointed. Such a terrible outcome can be easily avoided by taking our recommendations into consideration. If you are still not sure about whether to invest with Avait.Investments after this review, then we definitely encourage you to continue your research. We are certain you will find many more similar reviews. Don’t invest with scammers. Find the right broker for you.


UPDATE** This website was taken down due to accusations made against Avait.Investments. If you have fallen victim to Avait.Investments please comment your story so that you can help others avoid making the same mistakes.

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