The Asia-Pacific Market Mixed Amid Evergrande Trading Halt

The Asia-Pacific Market Mixed Amid Evergrande Trading Halt

On Monday, shares in the Asia-Pacific market were mixed after the Hong Kong Stock Exchange suspended the trading of China Evergrande stocks. 

Accordingly, there are no reported explanations about the halt, which spurred speculations of divestment of the cash strapped firm.

In line with this, the benchmark Hang Seng curtailed 2.25% or 553.00 points to $24,022.64 per share.

Subsequently, biotechnology firms sank to the bottom of the index.

For instance, WuXi Biologics minimized 7.75% or 1.26 points to $14.99 per share. 

Similarly, Sino Biopharmaceutical pared 6.04% or 0.05 points to $0.78 per share.

In India, the BSE SENSEX 30 index improved 0.58% or 337.98 points to $59,105.12 per share. 

At the same time, the electric power business NTPC Ltd. hiked 2.11% or 0.04 points to $1.93 per share. 

Likewise, Housing Development Finance Corporation extended 1.26% or 0.43 points to $36.95 per share. 

Moreover, the benchmark NIFTY 50 rose 0.66% or 115.55 points to $17,647.60 per share.

Its Biotech firm Divi’s Laboratories boosted 5.82% or 3.86 points to $36.91 per share. 

In New Zealand, the S&P/NZX 50 index soared 0.38% or 50.08 points to $13,329.23 per share.

Then, Sky Network Television Ltd. inched up 3.14% or 0.04 points to $1.37 per share. 

In addition, Tourism Holdings Ltd. increased 3.02% or 0.06 points to $1.90 per share. 

Elsewhere, Australia’s S&P/ASX 200 index climbed 1.00% or 72.10 points to $7,257.60 per share. 

Correspondingly, Flight Centre Travel Group skyrocketed 9.43% or 1.50 points to $17.39 per share. 

Japanese Market Fell as the Asia-Pacific Mixed

Furthermore, Japan’s Nikkei 225 index weakened 0.95% or 273.50 points to $28,497.57 per share, whereas the transportation firms traded lower.  

Its worst performer, Nippon Yusen, declined 8.67% or 6.48 points to $68.25 per share. 

Then, Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha plummeted 8.25% or 4.32 points to $48.08 per share. 

Similarly, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines fell 7.99% or 5.40 points to $62.21 per share. 

Consequently, the broader benchmark TOPIX  shed 0.61% or 12.12 points to $1,974.19 per share. 

Gunosy Inc., which engages in media businesses, dropped 7.57% or 0.50 points to $6.16 per share. 

Accordingly, Gremz Inc, which provides energy cost-reducing consultation, edged down 7.12% or 1.89 points to $24.62 per share. 

Meanwhile, stock markets in China and South Korea closed today in line with their respective holidays. 

Moreover, the Asia-Pacific market also reacted to the announcement of  Merck & Co’s new covid treatment, which could reduce the risk of hospitalization to 50.00%.