CHF Currency Remained Depressed at $0.93 as Swiss CPI Fell

CHF Currency Remained Depressed at $0.93 as Swiss CPI Fell

On Monday, the CHF currency remained low as Switzerland’s consumer price index (CPI) fell. 

Accordingly, the Swiss franc sank 0.16% to $0.93, following its Friday drop of 0.06%.

The CPI, the most widely used measure of inflation, declined to 0.00% year-over-year from the August rate of 0.20%.

Consequently, the latest data weighed down the CHF currency in the trading market.

Meanwhile, its retail sales slightly improved to 0.50% from the previous drop of 2.30%.

Then, the US dollar index, which tracks the greenback against its six rival currencies, weakened to 0.04% to $94.00.

Additionally, it followed its sharp loss of 0.08% to $93.96 last week. 

Moreover, US total vehicle sales, an important indicator of consumer spending, reduced to 9.66 million from 13.10 million.

Also, market participants looked forward to the release of the factory orders later this day. 

Meanwhile, European and American currencies mixed as the CHF slumped. 

The euro improved 0.16% to $1.16 as the Spanish unemployment change posted at -76,100 from the last number of -82,000. 

Similarly, the Swedish krona extended 0.02% to $8.75, while the Norwegian krone soared 0.18% to $8.64.

In addition, the Russian ruble increased 0.35% to $72.84.

On the other hand, the Pound sterling diminished 0.05% to $1.35 as the Danish krone shed 0.04% to $6.41.

The Brazilian real rose 0.01% to $5.37 as its IPC-Fipe inflation index declined to 1.13% from 1.44%. 

At the same time, the Mexican peso strengthened 0.09% or $20.45.

However, the Canadian dollar lowered 0.09% to $1.26 as the Argentine peso fell 0.14% to $98.59

Yen Exchange Rate Bounces as CHF Currency Skids

Meanwhile, the safe-haven yen edged up 0.09% or $111.14, rebounding from its fall of 0.20% to $111.05 last week. 

Accordingly, Japan’s monetary base narrowed to 11.70% from September’s figure of 14.90%.

In addition, investors kept an eye close to the report of Tokyo’s CPI figures today.

Furthermore, Asia-Pacific currencies also mixed as the CHF currency subsided.

The Australian dollar hiked 0.11% to $0.73, while the New Zealand dollar waned 0.13% to $0.69.

Subsequently, the Singapore dollar lost 0.08% to $1.36 per share as the Hong Kong dollar slashed 0.03% to $7.79.

Likewise, the Chinese yuan plummeted 0.39% to $6.45 as the Indonesian rupiah pared 0.28% to $14,265.

Then, the South Korean won edged up 0.19% to $1,182.62 as the Indian rupee surged 0.12% to $74.22.

Correspondingly, the Malaysian ringgit soared 0.17% to $4.17 as the Thailand baht widened 0.45% to $33.73.