Samsung’s 2022 TVs – Google Stadia Gaming, Nvidia GeForce

Samsung’s 2022 TVs – Google Stadia Gaming, Nvidia GeForce

Samsung releases a new line of smart TVs at CES 2022. These include exotic features; Such as support for NFTs and radio remote control. They will also be Samsung’s first kits to let you play Triple-A. Video games from the cloud instead of PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. In October, following a vague response, Samsung confirmed that the 2022 selected models would uniquely offer access to Google Stadia, Nvidia’s GeForce Now, and Utomik cloud gaming service. As part of the new Samsung Gaming Hub, the user interface. Samsung plans to expand with additional benefits as well.

Samsung Gaming Hub is not just for cloud gaming. Interestingly, the company says your HDMI-related video game consoles will also be part of it, with total controller input. This means you can play console and cloud games with the same controller; Instead of having to keep separate controllers; Support for both Xbox or PlayStation controllers at startup. AI Gaming technology creates custom game recommendations on your TV home screen, which … of course, is excellent.

Interestingly, TV makers are still mastering the cloud game. The fact is that Samsung and LG were still fighting for gaming streaming from OnLive and Gaikai back in 2012. Some TVs have introduced the Sony PlayStation Now for 2015-2017. This winter, Samsung and LG are back in the game with Google and Nvidia.

Whether TVs will have the best audio quality and picture for cloud gaming is unknown. The company did not specify whether it would show 4K streaming to Google Stadia or GeForce Now. According to the company, the firm is actively working with partners to bring their best level of service to the platform.

Samsung Expectations

It is still unknown whether earlier Samsung Smart TVs will have access to the feature. It is also not explicitly known which models will be upgraded. According to the company, the firm is launching 2022 models. At the same time, it is actively working to make the Gaming Hub accessible to as many Samsung users as possible.

It is worth noting that Microsoft xCloud and Xbox Cloud Gaming are not part of the launch. Microsoft and Samsung have been actively collaborating on cloud games since as far back as 2020. As a result, we got the xCloud smart refrigerator on several Android phones. However, the Xbox app for smart TVs, which is so actively talked about, has not yet been implemented.