Millennials to spend thousands on NFTs and crypto as gifts

Millennials to spend thousands on NFTs and crypto as gifts

Interest in digital assets increased this year, with the new generation of investors appearing.

The crypto market’s value briefly exceeded $3.5 trillion in the previous month, with bitcoin and ether beating all-time highs. Other digital assets, such as NFTs, increased in value as well. In November, OpenSea exceeded $11 billion in total volume. It is clear demand for NFTs have soared.

During the holiday season, young investors started to spend several thousand on NFTs and different digital assets as gifts. 


What people plan to buy

Some people plan to gift an NFT of a digital land lot to share in the metaverse for their family members. Depending on metaverse game, demand, and size, it might cost thousands of dollars.

The 22-year-old San Antonio resident perceives NFTs as assets that will increase value over time. She said that spending money in NFTs doesn’t feel like she is spending money, but instead, she is storing her money in a different asset.

For her female family members, she plans to buy collectible NFTs. They will be related to Crypto Coven and World of Women projects aiming to empower women. At the moment, she is unsure how much to spend. The collections she chose have the lowest price available.

The World of Women collection has a current base price of 1.95 ether, equal to $7,276. The Crypto Coven collection has a base price of 0.19 ether, equivalent to about $708.

She also wants to buy NFTs from various artists. Her favorite is Lana Denina and her famous Mona Lana project, which has a base price of 0.25 ether, equal to about $899.

She intends to buy a Ledger Nano hardware wallet for her male family members. It ranges from $58 to $118. She also plans to buy an online course on blockchain coding for her father.