RogerFin Review

General Information

Broker Name: RogerFin

Broker Type: Forex

Country: N/A

Operating since year: N/A

Regulation: Unregulated

Address: N/A

Broker status: Inactive


Customer Service

Phone: N/A

Email: N/A

Languages: N/A

Availability: N/A



Trading platforms: N/A

Trading platform Time zone: N/A

Demo account: N/A

Mobile trading: N/A

Web-based trading: N/A

Bonuses: N/A

Other trading instruments: N/A



Minimum deposit ($): 500

Maximal leverage: 1:200

Spread: N/A

Scalping allowed: N/A


Content Table

  • General Information
  • Account Types
  • Proof of Scamming
  • Conclusion



Rogerfin Review – Are they regulated or scammers?

rogerfin logo

Rogerfin Trading platform is not a regulated Forex trading platform that has not been around for a while. They were established in 2020. They mostly work in English and German-speaking countries. The minimum deposit is 500 Euros, and they offer assets in the groups of Forex, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Not a lot is known about them beyond what is written on their website.


Account types – Rogerfin Scam


Rogerfin offers a couple of types of accounts for their clients:

Trading Accounts and Condition RpgerFin review



  • The minimum deposit is EUR500.
  • The leverage offered is 1:200.
  • Educational sessions




  • The minimum Deposit is EUR5,000.
  • The leverage offered is 1:300.
  • Educational sessions
  • Signals
  • Personal Trading sessions.


  • Minimum deposit EUR25,000.
  • The leverage offered on this type of account is 1:400.
  • Educational sessions
  • Signals
  • Personal Trading sessions.
  • 50% bonus




  • There is no mention of the minimum deposit required for this type of account.
  • The leverage offered here is 1:500.
  • The leverage offered on this type of account is 1:400.
  • Educational sessions
  • Signals
  • Personal Trading sessions.
  • 75% bonus
  • Personal money and risk management
  • Market Analysis


All of the supposed advantages for the account are nothing but lies, as they don’t make any real promises. High leverage seems reasonable until you realize how risky it is with unregulated brokers. What are personal trading sessions? What is risk management? None of these are real advantages, but empty words to fill out blank spaces on their website.


Rogerfin Scamming Proof

Rogerfin looks very appealing to the traders. Some may consider it too good to be true. We would advise our readers to finish the review and make a decision after that.


Unregulated trading platform

The biggest red flag we encounter right from the start is the lack of regulation and anonymity. There is nothing that would hint of the regulation. Unregulated companies always turn out to be scammers. The customers are not protected from fraudulent activities from the company’s side. So the money can disappear, and there will be nobody accountable. There was also no contact information, no email, nothing. This fact makes Rogerfin even less trustworthy.


FCA Blacklisting

The financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the UK, has blacklisted Rogerfin, and now they have a huge red flag from the governmental officials for suspicious financial activities. They are pretty sure that Rogerfin can be a company involved in scamming the customers.

Blacklisted by the FCA

Withdrawal Process

Another very alarming thing Rogerfin does is omit information about withdrawal methods and fees. This is a very big red flag for most of the traders. Most of the regulated companies are very straight forward about withdrawal methods. Rogerfin also has a very horrible hidden fee, 30$, per withdrawal, which is very unfair to their customers. It is not known how long the withdrawal process will take or how it is going to go.


Trading Bonuses

While the bonuses can seem very attractive to the traders, they usually come in with huge strings attached to it.  The first thing they cannot be touched until the trader accumulates a certain amount of the points which are very hard to earn. This bonus cannot be withdrawn or used in any way.


Rogerfin review conclusion – open scammers



In conclusion, Rogerfin rings huge alarm bells; even their advantages are not as great. They have horrible withdrawal policies; they are blacklisted by FCA and have an unregulated platform. They show every sign of scamming company, so we advice our readers and traders to approach them with caution.