Meta reviled the fastest AL supercomputer in the world

Meta reviled the fastest AL supercomputer in the world

Meta introduced the metaverse AI supercomputer. The company claims it is the fastest globally.

According to Facebook, the “AI Research SuperCluster” supercomputer is presently active. It will be fully operational by the middle of the year.

Meta, Facebook’s parent corporation, stated its newly established artificial intelligence (AI) “Research SuperCluster” (RSC) would “pave the way” for the metaverse’s development.

According to a Monday blog post announcing the hardware, Facebook estimates RSC is currently one of the world’s fastest supercomputers and will take the top rank when it is fully operational in mid-2022.

According to the business, in the end, their collaboration with RSC will pave the path for the development of metaverse technologies, the next major computing platform. AI-driven applications and products will play a critical role in it.

CEO of Facebook Reacts

CEO Mark Zuckerberg added that this system has the capacity for working across hundreds of different languages. Hence it will be able to construct “advanced AI” for computer vision, natural language processing, and such matters.

Meta expects RSC to assist them in developing whole new AI systems. These include real-time speech translations for big groups of people speaking several languages. Hence, this will allow them to collaborate on a research project or to play a game together.

However, Meta did not disclose the computer’s location or the cost of its research and development.

Camila Russo, a decentralized financial expert, compared Meta’s new machine to the Ethereum network. It is already regarded as a worldwide “supercomputer” by some in the sector. Moreover, Raja Koduri, vice president of Intel’s advanced computing systems and graphics department, stated in December 2021 that the present computational infrastructure would need to increase 1,000-fold to support the metaverse.