Mercedes has completely withdrawn from Russia

Mercedes has completely withdrawn from Russia

The automotive giant announced that the German Mercedes had completely withdrawn from the Russian market 14 months after the Russian attack on Ukraine.


The concern confirmed that it sold its Russian operations to the domestic Avtodom in April with the necessary permits and fulfilled contractual obligations. The details of the transaction were not announced, reports DPA.


Shortly after Russia attacked Ukraine, Mercedes halted exports to Russia and local production.


In October, the financial director of the concern Harald Wilhelm announced the sale of the remaining interests in that country.


Due to price increases, Mercedes sold significantly more luxury vehicles last year. As a result that increased its earnings by a third to around 14.8 billion euros.


Mercedes-Benz is building a battery recycling plant in southern Germany

The Mercedes-Benz car company laid the foundation for a sustainable battery recycling plant in Copenheim, southern Germany.


The pilot plant will have an annual capacity of 2,500 tons and will contribute to producing more than 50,000 battery modules for the new electric Mercedes-Benz vehicles, reports Reuters.


Recycled batteries will come from test vehicles and startup batteries. Based on the results of this pilot project, production volume could be increased in the medium to long term.


The start of the commissioning of the first phase of the plant – mechanical dismantling – is planned for December this year. The pilot plant should be completed a few months later.


The factory in Copenheim will operate on a CO2-neutral drive with solar and green electricity. The scientific research project of the Federal Ministry of Economy and Climate Protection finances the construction.


Jörg Burzer, Member of the Mercedes-Benz Management Board for Production and Supply Chain Management, said they are sending essentials. In fact, that means they are sending essential sign of innovative power in Baden-Württemberg and Germany for sustainable electromobility.


Thekla Walker, minister for the environment, climate, and energy in Baden-Württemberg, stated she was glad that Mercedes-Benz is advancing the circular economy.