Boeing increased revenues by 28 percent in the first quarter

Boeing increased revenues by 28 percent in the first quarter

In the first quarter of this year, the American aircraft manufacturer Boeing lost 425 million dollars. In contrast, last year, the loss in the same period amounted to 1.2 billion dollars.


The company’s revenues reached 17.9 billion dollars, 28 percent more than last year’s first quarter.


As reported by the French news agency AFP, reported by SeeBiz, revenues are still lower than those achieved in the first quarter of 2019, i.e., before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.


After announcing the results, Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun (Dave Calhoun) said that they are making progress despite supply chain disruptions and are optimistic about the goals they have set for this year and in the long term.


Despite facing various production and quality control issues limiting deliveries of its best-selling models, Boeing plans to increase production of 737 Max planes to 38 per month, seven more planes than before.


According to their plans, by the end of the year, Reuters reported and reported that they should deliver between 400 and 450 737 Max aircraft and between 70 and 80 Dreamliners (model 787).


Boeing lays off 2,000 employees

Boeing has confirmed it will lay off about 2,000 people from the financial and human resources sectors.


The company’s senior director of communications, Michael Friedman (Michael Friedman), stated that some of the corporate functions have grown significantly over time.


Friedman added that growth is accompanied by increased bureaucracy and inefficient heterogeneous systems, so the company must increase efficiency.


The BBC reports that the company wants to invest more in developing products, services, and technology. Approximately a third of these office jobs will be outsourced from Tata Consulting Services, based in Bangalore, India.