Gold Futures Hit Rs 72,411, Up by Rs 767

Gold Futures Hit Rs 72,411, Up by Rs 767

Key Points:

  • Gold futures in India rose to Rs 72,411/10g; Silver to Rs 83,862/kg.
  • COMEX gold reached $2,406; spot gold displayed volatility.
  • US economic indicators affect gold prices; mixed signals noted.
  • Technical analysis predicts gold resistance at $2,400 and $2,450.

In the Indian commodities market, notable increases have been observed in precious metals. Specifically, gold futures have recently ascended to Rs 72,411 per ten grams, marking a rise of Rs 767 or 1.07%. Silver futures have also increased. Prices climbed by Rs 1,015, a 1.23% increase, to Rs 83,862 per kg. This trend highlights a robust demand for precious metals within the domestic sector, influenced by local investment appetites and broader economic indicators.

Gold Futures Rise one-point-three-seven Percent at COMEX, Spot Volatility Seen.

On the international front, the gold market experienced mixed fortunes. COMEX gold noted a 1.37% rise, reaching a new height of $2,406. Conversely, spot gold prices displayed volatility and initially dipped by 0.8% following the release of US inflation data. However, they somewhat recovered the next day, showing a 0.5% increase to $2,345.31. The spot gold market anticipates a moderate rise, with June expiry prices projected at $2,362.10, reflecting a 0.6% increment.

Mixed US Data Swings Gold Prices, Dollar Strengthens

Recent US economic indicators have shown mixed signals with softer Producer Price Index (PPI) inflation juxtaposed against higher-than-expected general inflation rates. The stronger dollar has pressured gold prices, though the metal remains resilient. Praveen Singh, Associate VP at Sharekhan by BNP Paribas, noted that the yellow metal might maintain robust buying support during dips and purchasing momentum driven by central banks’ acquisitions despite current concerns about frothy valuations.

Gold Futures: Possible Surge to $2,600 Amid Instability

Technical analysis suggests key support levels for spot gold at $2,350, $2,320, and $2,300, with resistance poised at $2,400 and $2,450. Market experts forecast a potential long-term target of $2,600 for gold, underscoring a bullish outlook despite recent fluctuations. These predictions are predicated on continued central bank purchases and geopolitical uncertainties, which typically bolster gold’s appeal as a safe-haven asset.

Asian Demand Boosts Gold Amid China’s Economic Woes

In Asia, markets have rebounded, driven by persistent economic weaknesses in China and a sustained demand for safe-haven assets like gold. This trend highlights the complex interplay between global economic shifts and commodity prices. Consequently, it suggests a cautious yet optimistic outlook for precious metals in the forthcoming periods. The ongoing adjustments in the international economic landscape will likely continue influencing precious metal prices, necessitating vigilant monitoring by investors and analysts alike.