INVCenter Review

INVCenter Review

General Information

Broker Name: INVCenter

Broker Type: Forex & CFD

Country: Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Operating since year: 2018

Regulation: /

Address: First floor, First St. Vincent Bank Ltd. Building, James street, P.O.B 1574, Kingstown VC0100 St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Broker status: Active


Customer Service

Phone: ‍+44 20 3991 0009

Email: [email protected]

Languages: English, German, Portuguese

Availability: 24/6


The Trading platforms: Proprietary

Trading platform Time zone: /

Demo account: /

Mobile trading: Yes

Web-based trading: Yes

Bonuses: Yes

Other trading instruments: Yes


Minimum deposit ($): 200

Maximal leverage: 1:200

Spread: Tight

Scalping allowed: Yes




INVCenter: General Information

INVCenter is a brokerage that started operating in 2018 and has been gaining traction. Our INVCenter review will help you decide if they’re the right broker to start trading with. The firm offers forex and CFD trading, as well as the latest craze, crypto trading. It operates from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. INVCenter’s exact address is First floor, First St. Vincent Bank Ltd. Building, James Street, P.O.B 1574, Kingstown.

The first thing you notice about any broker is its website. As such, it’s vital for any firm that wants to attract visitors to ensure that their site runs well. Looks are also a definite plus, and INVCenter’s visual design is quite pleasing, but that’s a secondary concern. The things we find important are its functions and how well the broker organized its website.

Luckily, INVCenter’s website fulfills all our requirements and then some. It runs without any lag or strange interactions with its dynamic elements. Because of that, the entire website feels smooth and well-designed, especially when compared to most other brokers. On top of that, the broker didn’t try anything overly flashy, conveying a professional atmosphere. The overdone designs of most brokers lead to clutter, so we’re glad that’s absent from INVCenter.

On top of that, the broker is quite well-organized and transparent. Namely, we’d consider that one of its primary advantages. Everything you want to know is abundantly clear, and you can go in well-informed if you sign up. Because of that, the entire experience is free from frustration, and the first impression is great.


INVCenter: cfds and forex broker


INVCenter review of Educational tools

INVCenter has a massive library of educational materials that can help both new and more experienced traders. For newbies, there’s a plethora of materials that can help you overcome the initial hurdles of trading. The broker has both video and reading materials, so you can learn the way you prefer. The materials can help you leap past other traders and become much more skilled and confident. For complete beginners, there’s even a step-by-step guide on how you can trade.
Once you get past those initial levels, things get slightly more complex. That’s where the broker’s more advanced learning materials come in, as well as their pre-made strategies. Coming up with your trading plan is daunting as a newer trader, so the ones the broker provides are invaluable. It also has some assets that can help you determine which trading product you wish to trade on exactly.

And you might think that’s where it stops, as expert traders rarely find use in the educational section. And while they’re not strictly educational, we felt like this was the right place in our INVCenter review to mention its tools. Namely, the broker provides users with a ton of analytical and utility tools, as well as sources of information.
There are market calculators, charts, and videos you can use to increase your prediction precision. On top of that, the broker curated economic news, a summary of events, and a calendar you can use to inform yourself. Because of that, you don’t need to chase info in a million places, taking a lot of the stress out of trading.

Funds Trading and Security

Safety is another aspect that INVCenter paid a lot of attention to. Naturally, that resulted in an experience where users don’t need to worry about their funds disappearing. You don’t need to take our word for that, as we’ll explain why we feel confident with the broker’s safety measures.
First, we feel like we should mention INVCenter’s terms and conditions. It’s a running joke that nobody reads T&C, but when investing significant funds, perhaps you should. That’s exactly what we did, as many malicious brokers hide predatory terms there and divert the blame to users that didn’t read. Luckily, INVCenter was the exact opposite, and we couldn’t find anything that would point to malicious behavior. Clean legal documentation is the beginning of any good broker, so INVCenter started well.

Investment Methods

It also ensured that users were protected against outside threats, such as hackers and scammers. Encryption plays a role in that scrambling the data that users input into the website. What you type is solely between you and the broker, be that your personal data, credit card info, or anything else. Similarly, 2FA and other similar security measures create an effective barrier against account theft.

INVCenter’s security measures seem to be working, as it’s had no past incidents, such as data leaks or successful cyberattacks. On top of that, the broker’s reputation is quite positive, which is an indicator of safety as well. Customers are the first ones to complain when things go wrong, so a clean slate speaks volumes. The broker is clearly devoted to keeping its customers safe, and it appears to be doing a fantastic job at it.

INVCenter stable protection

Trading Platform

Scam brokers have created a stigma that surrounds custom platforms. Because of shady companies, a lot of traders view them as totally broken and barely functional. However, such notions hurt traders as well, as they might miss out on excellent platforms because of it. So if you’re a person that holds such views, we suggest you put them aside for the time being.

INVCenter runs an excellent custom trading platform that comes as a Web or Mobile Trader. Because there’s no desktop version, the other two have the broker’s complete devotion. Because of that, the two platforms that most view as more convenient are fully optimized instead of just an afterthought. That plays a larger part in INVCenter’s service, as it makes it easier to access and allows for more trader mobility.

INVCenter trading platform

You might think that the simple fact that it’s a browser or phone platform might hinder it. However, the capabilities of phones and browsers have expanded rapidly while platforms hadn’t. As such, INVCenter’s software beats a lot of downloadable terminals in smoothness and functionality. On top of that, its intuitive interface is simple to grasp, allowing newbies to get into trading quickly. Meanwhile, it keeps the more sophisticated functions most veteran traders want in their platform.

While INVCenter’s trader isn’t revolutionary in the sense of doing something entirely new, it doesn’t need to be. The software simply does everything well, which is more than enough to make us quite pleased with it. And although we have high praise for the platform, you don’t even need to take our word for it. You can check out its functionality by pressing the “trading” button on and see for yourself.

INVcenter: Review of Account Types

You’ve got four account options from which to choose. There are the Mini, Silver, Gold, and Platinum accounts. Each tier gives you more perks. Accounts offer variety of functions and trading instruments, depending on the trader’s experience level.

INVcenter: Review of Account Types

MINI account

  • Regular Spreads
  • 24/6 Support
  • Education center
  • Daily market review
  • PRO webinars
  • Price alerts

SILVER account

  • Silver Spreads
  • 24/6 Support
  • Education center
  • Daily market review
  • PRO webinars
  • Price alerts
  • Senior Account Manager

GOLD account

  • Gold Spreads
  • 24/6 Support
  • Education center
  • Daily market review
  • PRO webinars
  • Price alerts
  • VIP Account Manager
  • Trading signals Up to X
  • Personalized trading strategy

PLATINUM account

  • Platinum Spreads
  • 24/6 Support
  • Education center
  • Daily market review
  • PRO webinars
  • Price alerts
  • VIP Account Manager
  • Trading signals Up to X
  • Personalized trading strategy
  • Trading trainer
  • Exclusive position access

Review of Advantages and Disadvantages for

Well, every single broker has its own good and bad parts. It is only human. Even thought, in our eyes, INVcenter has no faults in its platform, services or interface. Here is short list of the all the pros and cons of the broker.


  • Free access to trading platform through mobile and desktop applications through the website.
  • Customer support available 24/6, through the phone, live chat, and email
  • Complete access to competitive spreads and many tradable asset options.
  • Variety of educational resources available to help you learn more about what you’re doing.


  • Not available in the United States.
  • No trading automation involved.

Customer Support at INVCenter

The broker provides remarkable customer services and is available 24/6. The brokerage puts a lot of effort in providing customers with the  best professional assistance that is always ready to help. In case you want to call the broker here is the list of phone numbers.


Phone: +44 20 3991 0009


Phone: +353 76 6701 216


Phone: +61 86 2302 759


Phone: +65 31 5927 21


Phone: +27 87 1951 188

You can also use the live chat option, integrated in the platform. However, you can always write the customer service a letter: [email protected]

INVCenter Review: Conclusion

INVCenter stands out by doing everything it does at a high level. For brokers, it’s common to disregard one or multiple areas of service in favor of others. However, INVCenter manages to cover everything in a service that’s nothing short of fantastic. No matter which area you look at, INVCenter does vastly better than most of its peers.

For example, you look at the security and see that INVCenter is one of the most secure online brokers. You look at trading, and the broker meets you with excellent conditions, a top-tier platform, and account and asset variety. Even when you view trader development, the broker blows most of its competition out of the water.

It’s that sort of consistent quality that lets brokers attract and maintain a healthy userbase. If you’ve read our INVCenter review until now, you shouldn’t at all be surprised by the fact it’s earned our recommendation. No matter your skill or investment level, INVCenter has something for you.

Risk Warning:

CFD trading carries a significant amount of risk. CFDs are complex instruments and require knowledge to handle correctly. Make sure you’re well-informed before deciding to trade CFDs.

Most retail investors lose money when trading CFDs

Leveraged trading can lead to rapid and significant financial losses. Make sure not to take leveraged positions you can’t pay off.