Industrial Production Figures from Germany; USD/CAD Updates

Industrial Production Figures from Germany; USD/CAD Updates

The Eurozone’s manufacturing powerhouse Germany doesn’t show any significant changes.

Joseph Trevisani, Yohay Elam, and Valeria Bednarik examine the state of the trade war, dollar directions, economy, and more, before the last Non-Farm Payroll publications of 2019. US economic indicators include silver linings and robust consumption. Nevertheless, the index remains downbeat.


GBP/YSD is around 1.3160, heading into London open on Friday.

European currency did not benefit from the greenback’s weakness ahead of the Industrial Production data. Gold and Japanese yen are buds during the cautious tone.

Moreover, Asian trade repeats the ordinary tune of inaction, ahead of the U.S. employment data. Economists and traders do not believe U.S. diplomats when they say that the phase-one deal is going well. Furthermore, New Zealand and Australia’s dollars gained. Meanwhile, the central bank of China avoids changing its medium-term lending facility. The U.S. dollar remains in pressure because traders doubt the upbeat forecasts from top-tier data. 

USD/CAD traders seem to be cautious, ahead of the employment data from Canada and the United States. GBP/USD bulls are catching a breath, amid recent criticism of the United Kingdom’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson.


Data from Germany  

The Eurozone’s manufacturing powerhouse Germany published Industrial Production figures for October. The data showed that the factory activity expanded at the seasonally adjusted rate by 0.1% month-on-month in October, having dropped in the preceding month by 0.6%. The annualized Index of Industrial Production in September was -4.3%, Now it is forecasted to be at -2.8%. Germany is not showing any significant changes, but OPEC will most probably change oil prices.

The German Industrial Production and U.S. Michigan Consumer Sentimental Index remain the central issue of trading, alongside the employment data from Canada and the United States.

In the trade talks, there are no more significant events or data showing any positive signs. All-day, the news is published about it, but officially steps are not moving towards the conclusion of it.