Traders Tire From Headline Ping-Pong, So Dollar Fluctuates

Traders Tire From Headline Ping-Pong, So Dollar Fluctuates

The dollar is out of energy.

As rate-cut expectations ebb, Kiwi hits a 4-month high.

The dollar staggers side by side says in Thursday’s report. The U.S. President Donald Trump’s comments ran out of its steam, and investors are on edge over China-U.S. tensions.

To heal the sentiment overnight, Trump said the talks about resolving the damaging trade with China is going very well. Citing familiar people to the discussions, Bloomberg also announced that both sides are closer to the agreement.

The recovery without a recovery stalled in Asian trade, cause of no official confirmation about the “good” trade talks from the Chinese side on Thursday. After that day, Trump announced that the deal might come after the 2020 presidential election.

A senior market analyst at Gain Capital in Singapore, Matt Simpson, said that soon, we would figure out whether it is a dead-cat bounce or a rebound. That is how Simpson looks at the risk at the moment.

Major currency movements were modest. The Swiss franc inched higher to 0.9879 per dollar, while safe-haven Japanese yen was steady at 108.84 per dollar.


Pound and Dollar

British Pound

The greenback is down against the basket of currencies by 0.1% to 97.551. It is because the euro firmed marginally against the dollar to $1.1084.

As expectations firmed that Prime Minister Boris Johnson would win a majority at next week’s election, the British pound crept back to the eight-month high hit overnight.

Investors are looking ahead to non-farm payrolls data on Friday as a possible root of further disappointment with the state of the United States Economy.

Ray Attrill, National Australian Bank’s head FX strategist, thought that markets stopped to play headline ping-pong on trade. But it is not the case. All the other days are reversals of what happened the previous day, adds the National Australia Bank’s head FX strategist.