How will the crypto industry change in 2020?

How will the crypto industry change in 2020?

The blockchain and crypto world is changing very fast. New promising tokens, community interaction approaches, fundraising methods appear every new month. 2020 was exciting for crypto owners and traders. Bitcoin breakthrough its ATH, ETH 2.0 launch, DeFi and DEX boom, and new interesting projects and niches caught people’s attention.


However, 2021 year brings new trends and challenges. What should we expect from the new year? Here are some predictions from the experts:


Institutional investors and international companies turn to Bitcoin


In 2020, several companies announced that they plan to convert part of their reserve assets to Bitcoin. Among them were PayPal, MicroStrategy, Square, and Galaxy. There are new reports of new similar deals every month. Some experts think that this trend will keep going in 2021. Meanwhile, such giants don’t buy large volumes for quick speculation. They will likely hold their Bitcoins, and that should have a positive impact on the price of the main asset.


DEX and DeFi will continue their growth


Last year was significant for the DeFi segment. Along with the increase of new interesting projects and rapid growth of locked USD in different projects, the world became familiar with words’ governance token’, ‘farming’, and ‘staking’.


2021 will probably bring more projects, as well as a higher supply on DeFi market. However, investors should always mind financial security. It’s better to doublecheck information about the projects.


Decentralized Exchanges, or DEX, are coming along with DeFi Industry. Last year was a real breakthrough for lots of DEXs, including UniSwap. That tendency will get stronger during this year.

NFT tokens’ growth 


The idea of NFT tokens is not new. It has existed in the crypto market for quite a long time. However, NFTs will develop faster in 2021. There are a huge number of different applications, and NFT can be implemented in lots of industries: from real estate to art to law.

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