Two technology trends that will soar in 2021

Two technology trends that will soar in 2021

2020 brought many hardships and changed the way we view life. Thankfully, technology helped to survive the coronavirus pandemic. It helped us be productive, kept us connected, and gave everyone hope that we will overcome all obstacles. However, it’s already 2021, and it’s time to take a look at the technology trends that will define this year. Here are some areas that will likely have the biggest impact throughout 2021.


5G will go mainstream


Scientists wanted last year to be the year of 5G, but the pandemic happened. Despite some progress in that area, the coronavirus quickly stifled the plans of both telecom providers and device



However, experts think that 2021 will be the year when 5G finally gets its moment. Besides, service providers already began their network rollouts, so 5G availability is not limited to large cities any longer. This will help to boost its adoption significantly. As the global economy starts to recover from the pandemic, consumers will be shopping for new 5G-enabled devices.


Furthermore, 5G isn’t limited to consumer devices. Several companies have produced impressive technolohy that relies on this ultra-fast network. Things like hyperaware smart cars and real-time blockchain management will revolutionize how work is done.


Electric and Autonomous Vehicles


Cars are coming closer to the milestone of full autonomy every year. Lots of well-established companies and startups are pursuing that goal. We will probably see new, bettered electric and autonomous cars in 2021 as well after pandemic subsides and companies will be able to restart their widescale autonomous driving tests. However, in most cases, companies require a safety driver. While that has limited self-driving car tests in 2020, it will be less of a factor this year.


Cars powered by clean alternative energy will also continue coming closer to the mainstream. Battery-powered vehicles, like Tesla, continue to sell at high rates. Meanwhile, battery prices continue to lower. So, electric cars are becoming more affordable for everyday consumers.