How Tech Giant Apple Plans to Keep its Customers 

How Tech Giant Apple Plans to Keep its Customers 

Apple is one of the most famous tech companies in the world for a reason, it knows how to present its products. The company from California announced new iPhone models on Tuesday in what is an annual tradition for Apple ahead of the holiday shopping season.

It presented iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and Pro Max models. New models offer faster processors and include new photography features targeted at skilled users. Most importantly, new models offer increased battery life. 

The emphasis on increased battery life during the tech giant’s launch event underlines the challenges faced by the company. Apple is expected to release a materially better device every year to drive growing sales in a maturing market. It getting harder and harder to offer cutting-edge technologies every year.

Faster processors or better cameras may appeal to some people, but every year’s changes require a more discerning eye to notice them. 

All new models presented on Tuesday will get at least 90 more minutes of battery life under normal use, the company said. The iPhone 13 Pro Max and its mainline iPhone will get 150 more minutes of battery life than previous models. 

Last year’s model iPhone 12 gets 17 hours of video playback and the iPhone 13 manages 19 hours of video playback. Battery life is one of the most important features to customers. So, Apple made the decision when it decided to improve battery life on new models.


Apple and new iPhones 

The company also made another important decision. The tech giant doubled storage space on the iPhone 13 to 128GB without raising its price. Thanks to more storage space as well as longer battery life it is trying to retain old customers and attract new customers. 

In 2020, iPhones accounted for about half of its sales despite efforts to diversify into headphones, accessories, and online services. It also facing challenging comparisons to 2020s elevated sales. The Cupertino-based company sold nearly $40 billion in iPhones in the quarter that ended in June. 

Every time when Apple releases iPhones that look different, they often see a bump in sales. Analysts are already thinking about iPhone 13 sales. It won’t be easy to sell new models in huge quantities as iPhone 12 went on sale less than a year ago in October and November.