Fintsunami Review

Fintsunami Review

General Information

Broker Name: Fintsunami

Broker Type: Forex & CFDs

Country: US

Operating since year:

Regulation: /

Address: 1859 Dancing Street, New York, NY 25630, USA

Broker status: Active


Customer Service

Phone: +442920027726

Email: [email protected]

Languages: English

Availability: 24/5


The Trading platforms: Proprietary

Trading platform Time zone: /

Demo account: No

Mobile trading: Yes

Web-based trading: Yes

Bonuses: No

Other trading instruments: Yes


Minimum deposit: $250

Maximal leverage: 1:500

Spread: Floating From 0.0 Pips

Scalping allowed: Yes

Fintsunami Review

General Information & First Impressions

Fintsunami is an online brokerage that has attracted a ton of attention from the public recently. It’s a US-based company that operates mostly in Europe, with the base language of its service being German. That being said, the broker has numerous fully-functional translations so as not to leave anyone out. The broker strives to be an open, honest, and versatile brokerage that offers its traders a comfortable and strong trading experience. Our Fintsunami review will inspect whether it succeeded in that.

One important note is that Fintsunami is a CFD-based broker. It offers forex, crypto, stocks, and other trading classes via CFDs, creating a pretty broad trading asset library. However, we do recognize that some traders aren’t the biggest fans of CFD trading.

And while some have good reasons, such as wanting to have underlying asset ownership, for others, it’s just paranoia. Namely, some have gotten scared of CFD brokers as a whole because of a few bad apples. And while security is important, if you don’t approach each broker individually, you’re missing out.

We’ll go over the security later in our Fintsunami review, but let’s stick with the service for now. The website does a fantastic job at presenting the broker’s important qualities without feeling overly promotional. It lets you get to whatever you want to learn easily and without frustration. In turn, that makes the entire process of learning about the broker much easier and more sensible.

It runs well, too, showcasing the broker’s technical prowess. It doesn’t stutter or load too long, and the visual elements don’t interfere with each other. That creates a seamless experience in using the website and has made us eager for the rest of our Fintsunami review.

Fund and Account Security

Fund and Account Security

There have been extended discussions and efforts to improve online safety for the average person. And while those were fruitful, the internet continues to be a dangerous place to put your money. That’s especially obvious with finance due to the large amounts of money involved.

A lot of scammers set up shop as online brokers in an attempt to steal from unsuspecting traders. And the especially dangerous thing is that they aren’t immediately apparent to someone who hasn’t spent a long time investigating brokers. So you can be an excellent trader and still sign up for a bad broker and lose thousands.

Such a situation is likely even more dangerous if you’re an experienced trader since you’ll likely put in more money. Still, no matter how much money you deposit, losing it to a scam feels horrible. That’s why the primary tip you receive when trading online is to look out for yourself.

But as we said earlier in our Fintsunami review, it’s not always easy to spot a scam. That’s why we’ll devote this part to presenting our security findings about the broker.

While we did say CFDs require a bit of extra security, we’re glad to report that we found Fintsunami to be entirely secure. That conclusion comes from a number of factors, including its transparency on as well as its formal documents.

However, the biggest assurance comes from the fact that the broker operates in the USA. That shows well-intendedness since no scam broker would operate from such a highly-regulated area. Additionally, it presents an extra security layer in the form of regulators if the broker were to decide to harm users. Again, we believe Fintsunami has no ill will towards users, so you have nothing to worry about.

Account Info at

As we mentioned earlier in our review, it strives to be open and versatile. To achieve that, it uses its account structure to create various options for users with different budget preferences. The accounts balance both ends of the scale fairly, with both budget and high-end users receiving fantastic conditions.

There are three accounts in total, and you reach the higher tiers with your cumulative deposits reaching certain limits. The minimum for a live account is $250, which should be affordable for most traders. The broker uses your minimum deposit as one of the ways to verify you have the right risk profile for its services.

And even at %250, the account has some interesting features that beat out most other options at a similar price range. For example, you get an account manager right from the start, which is usually reserved for high-end accounts. That’s especially meaningful since newer traders can get most out of an account manager to clear things up.

But as we already said earlier in our Fintsunami review, the scales are balanced, and the high-end accounts are great as well. The two higher deposit accounts offer numerous assistance and comfort conditions beyond simply boosting trading conditions. That way, the service you get isn’t just powerful; it also feels luxurious.

With all the accounts being strong, there isn’t really a way to choose a bad one. Our advice is to go with whatever suits your budget comfort best. Upgrading is simple and provides no additional cost over choosing a higher account straight away.

Here are the properties you can expect from the accounts:

trading acvounts

  • Specialist

Minimum Deposit: $250

Personal Account Manager

Basic Market Education Sessions

Personalized trade alerts

  • Advance

Minimum Deposit: $2000

Personal Account Manager

Basic Market Education Sessions

Personalized trade alerts

Risk-free trading

Free Support

  • Premium

Minimum Deposit: $5000

Personal Account Manager

Basic Market Education Sessions

Personalized trade alerts

Risk-free trading

Free Support

Higher leverage

Premium Platform Support

Exclusive invitations to VIP events

Stand-alone contract

Fintsunami’s Trading Platform

Fintsunami’s Trading Platform

Fintsunami’s platform follows the rest of its service, meaning that it’s open, streamlined, and performance-focused. The broker paid significant attention to the UI and usability, making it an easy-to-learn tool. If you’re an experienced trader, you’ll have no trouble adapting to Fintsunami’s platform if you’ve used another one.

Even if you’re a first-time trader, you’ll likely have a firm grasp on how it functions. At least basic features like selecting assets and buying are apparent to anyone familiar with technology. However, you also have more complex features that you can expect when you’re further along your trading journey.

The platform has numerous indicators and analysis tools that you can use to determine the optimal trading path. If you master the features on the platform on top of being a good trader, your success rate and profits will skyrocket.


There’s a ton to like about Fintsunami, as the broker has a number of top-quality conditions paired with unparalleled comfort. That results in a top-notch brokerage experience that will surely satisfy most potential customers.

As we said earlier in our Fintsunami review, the broker’s primary advantages are versatility, openness, and smoothness. The experience is extremely streamlined and feels great to use, on top of being built to optimize the trading experience. Do yourself a favor and start your trading journey on Fintsunami.