Elon Musk: Artificial Intelligence Must be Regulated

Elon Musk: Artificial Intelligence Must be Regulated

Elon Musk is a SpaceX and Tesla CEO. He sends a warning note regarding the development of artificial intelligence. On Monday evening, the executive and founder said that all organizations developing advanced artificial intelligence, including Tesla, must be regulated.

Musk is answering a new MIT Technology Review profile of OpenAI. In 2015 by Musk, along with John Schulman, Wojciech Zaremba, Greg Brockman, Ilya Sutskever and Sam Altman founded the organization. First, the OpenAI was a non-profit organization. It pooled initial investors backed it with a $1 billion funding. The aim was to pursue extensive research into advanced artificial intelligence with a focus on ensuring it was sought in the interest of benefiting society. They didn’t want to leave its development in the hands of a small and narrowly interested few profit technology companies.

In 2015 when they founded the organization, Musk posited that the group mainly arrived at the idea for OpenAI as an alternative to encouraging regulatory oversight or sitting on the sidelines. Also, in 2017 he said that he believed that regulations are obligatory to be put in place for governing the development of artificial intelligence. Musk said that there is a need for the formation of some oversight agency that will study and gain insight into the industry before proposing any rules.

Much has changed in the intervening years, including OpenAI. The organization officially formed a for-profit arm that had a non-profit parent corporation in 2019. Also, it accepted $1 billion in investment from Microsoft along with the formation of a wide-ranging partnership, which confronted with its founding principles.

Musk Shares Comments

This week Musk’s comments came as a response to the MIT profile. He indicated that he’s very distant from the organization that he helped co-found both functionally and ideologically. He also noted that OpenAI must be more open. Nevertheless, Musk has no control and only minimal insight into OpenAI. His confidence in Dario Amodei, OpenAI’s research director is not high when it comes to ensuring safe AI development.

Artificial Intelligence

It might be surprising that Musk includes Tesla in a general call for regulating the development of advanced artificial intelligence. Nevertheless, it is in line with his public stance on artificial intelligence development comments. Musk was repeatedly warning of the risks associated with creating artificial intelligence which is more advanced and independent. He even went so far and called it a human civilizations’ most fundamental threat.

On Monday, he clarified that he believes that the advanced development of artificial intelligence must be regulated both by international governing bodies (for example United Nations) as well as by individual national governments. These comments came as a response to a clarifying question from a follower. All in all, time can’t do anything with blunt Musk’s beliefs around the potential threat of artificial intelligence. That might encourage him to ramp up his efforts with Neuralink to give humans a way to even the playing field.

Let’s see if more regulations will come concerning artificial intelligence development cases. Also, the question is if CEO Elon Musk will remain with his principles.