Dividend Stocks with Stable Futures You Can Hold Onto

Dividend Stocks with Stable Futures You Can Hold Onto

Dividend stocks can be a great source of income for investors and shareholders. However, they are not totally risk-free. If a company runs into trouble, it can cause a reduction or halting payouts completely.

The two stocks listed below are good bets. They could be ideal for investors who do not want to worry about checking on their portfolios every day.

First Reliable Dividend Stock  – Walmart

In this case, the first good choice for buy-and-hold investors might be Walmart. The company is one of the safest long-term investments in the current stock market. It dominates retail and competes with online retailer giant Amazon.

The company beat expectations soundly, posting earnings per share of $1.16 opposing analysts’ expected $1.09. Same-store sales of 3.2% also continue to be strong and were better than predicted 3.1%.

In 2019, Walmart’s shares have gained over 28%. The stock pays a dividend of 1.8% as well. This Dividend Aristocrat has increased its payouts for more than forty years, and probably the pattern will not change anytime soon. While the rises have been modest, with the most recent hike being a 1.9%, it will at least help offset the impact of inflation if that rate of increase continues.

Second Solid Dividend Stock – Accenture

One more company that seems to have a solid future is Accenture. As technological innovation gains momentum, an experienced consulting company like Accenture can bring valuable profit to many businesses.

The stock pays investors a dividend of about 1.6% currently. It has recently moved from semiannual payouts to quarterly payments. Moreover, the company has been raising its dividend payments for several years to date.

The company has recently announced that it would be working with SAP to develop cloud-based solutions. This initiative will help a variety of companies with their day-to-day operations.

Any of both stocks listed here could be a safe investment for many years. Walmart might be the most stable buy based on its leadership position in its industry. While for investors who want to minimize their exposure to retail, Accenture may offer the best balance.