The Digital World of 2020 and Its Forecasts

The Digital World of 2020 and Its Forecasts

Here are the Industry experts’ predictions for the digital world in 2020.

For the technology world, 2019 has been another huge year. There were ambitious cyber attacks. Moreover, artificial intelligence continues to revolutionize the healthcare industry. Sophisticated smart home technology transforms everything from the workplace to our own homes, and we are adopting it. Nevertheless, the digital revolution is far from the ending. Naturally, 2020 will be more significant and even more transformative. Here, some industry experts provide their forecasts what the current year will offer.

EMEA Director at Natterbox, Ian Moyse, says that the consumer demands are increasing every year. This occurs due to the rise of digitally-focused brands such as various Fintechs, Uber, and Amazon. But, the loyalty of the customers is waning.  In improving customer service, the phone plays a vital role suggests Moyse. Furthermore, it allows businesses to personalize communications on the individual level. From driverless cars to the mainstream use of drones, the digital world is witnessing a whole host of exciting innovations.

Many business have find their telephone systems to be outdated, leaving consumers frustrated from the unpersonalized experiences and slow delivery.

Technology Forecasts

Ian Moyse says that it will change in 2020. Most probably, we will see an increase in the adoption of emerging technologies of the call center. For example, the use of artificial intelligence for IVR (dynamic interactive voice response) personalization and real-time voice translation. It will entirely disrupt the market. Also, it will help brands who look to place the experience of customers at the heart of their strategy.

General Manager at Freshworks UK, Simon Johnson believes that for the next customer engagement, it will be a crucial factor for brands. The consumers will stop thinking in terms of communication channels for 2020, claims Simon Johnson. They want to engage with a brand the way they want to, have their queries resolved, their comments acknowledged, and their questions answered.