3 Promising Stocks for 2020 with Whopping 2019 Performances

3 Promising Stocks for 2020 with Whopping 2019 Performances

The stock market had a record-breaking performance in 2019. However, it isn’t always easy to spot the stocks poised to climb higher and yield handsome returns in the next years.

That’s where we can rely on the analysts’ help. Here are the three stocks with a long-term growth narrative backed by Wall Street analysts.

Alphatec Holdings

The first one is Alphatec Holdings, Inc. (ATEC). This med-tech company has rattled the market with its innovative products for the surgical treatment of spine disorders. After skyrocketing 193% since the start of 2019, analysts are sure ATEC can continue its impressive performance in 2020.

Part of the bullish sentiment surrounding the company is because of its strong Q3 performance that sped past the revenue consensus estimate. According to the firm’s report, quarterly revenue hit $29.2 million. Management pointed to the domestic strategic distribution segment being %2 % up in the quarter, as the driver here. Furthermore, the full-year revenue guidance was bumped up from $104 million-$109 million to $109 million-$112 million.


Another successful stock is Crocs, Inc. (CROX). The famous foam shoe designer has impressed analysts with its performance during the holiday shopping season. During the quarter, sales reached $313 million, outpacing the consensus estimate of $302 million.

Analysts think that the company is even stronger than they have previously anticipated. 14% EBIT margin is expected by 2021 if Jibbitz momentum continues, analysts say. As they have observed Jibbitz at retail partners in-store and online in recent weeks. They believe broader distribution could meaningfully accelerate charm penetration in the coming quarters.


Finally, the third promising stock is Telaria Inc. (TLRA). The video content software company has already achieved a 202% growth year-to-date. Its connected TV (CTV) business gained a massive 115% year-over-year. So analysts believe this segment can help TLRA conquer new heights.

As a result, according to Wall Street analysts, Telariais a strong buy. However, analysts do see a bit less upside potential.