CryptoIFX Review

CryptoIFX Review

General Information

Broker Name: CryptoIFX

Broker Type: Crypto

Country: 5 Richmond Hill Road, Beachmont, Kingstown, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Operating since year: 2018

Regulation: /

Address:  Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Broker status: Active


Customer Service

Phone: +00-00-00

Email: [email protected]

Languages: English

Availability: 24/5


The Trading platforms: Proprietary

Trading platform Time zone: /

Demo account: No

Mobile trading: Yes

Web-based trading: Yes

Bonuses: No

Other trading instruments: Yes


Minimum deposit ($): $250

Maximal leverage:  1:400

Spread: Floating

Scalping allowed: Yes



Broker Review: CryptoIFX

CryptoIFX: market opportunities

General Information on CryptoIFX

CryptoIFX is a new crypto brokerage that also promises a universal service. Because it isn’t devoted solely to crypto, it manages to stand out from other similar brokers. CryptoIFX is located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. CryproIFX’s specific address is 5 Richmond Hill Road, Beachmont, Kingstown. Our CryptoIFX review will provide our detailed opinion of the firm and help you decide whether it’s correct for you.

Cryptocurrencies are the new hot thing in the investing world, and their popularity only seems to be growing. Because of that, we’ve seen an upsurge of crypto brokers and exchanges aiming to secure their spot. As with traditional brokers, most of these seem to be near the low-end quality-wise. But regardless of the quality, it’s surprising that few firms have attempted to merge traditional and crypto trading. That’s where CryptoIFX comes in.

The broker is unique in that while it maintains a focus on digital currencies, it also offers traditional assets. Furthermore, as you’ll see later in our CryptoIFX broker review, it does both quite well. That means it’s entered a relatively unexplored territory, making it immediately more attractive for traders. We aren’t surprised that the broker has managed to attract a significant amount of attention recently.

As we already said, the attention also seems to be warranted, since the quality of the service is quite high. Naturally, we don’t expect you to take our word for it, and we’ll elaborate why we like it further down the line. Before that, we’d like to present some of what we felt were’s most attractive features:

CryptoIFX review

·        No Funding Fees

Since crypto brokers are much rarer than traditional brokers, there’s less competition in the area. That means brokers and exchanges can get away with doing less to satisfy users. That’s why most of them impose deposit and withdrawal fees as a way to boost their profits. That practice is nearly gone in traditional brokerages, which face cutthroat competition and need to be more user-oriented. Luckily, CryptoIFX followed the conventional model, with deposits and withdrawals being free of any other costs.

·        Service Variety

As we already said earlier in our CryptoIFX review, the broker stands out with its variety. It’s one of the few companies that provide a competitive service both in crypto and conventional trading. As you probably know, brokers are quite a well-explored area business-wise. That means innovation is quite rare and difficult to come by. As such, finding a company that does something different is a breath of fresh air, especially when it does that well.

·        Openness

One of the other major issues CryptoIFX tackles is the usual complexity of trading digital currencies. Even experienced traditional investors can have a difficult time understanding and starting to trade crypto. Newbies, naturally, have an even greater challenge ahead of them, as they need to learn trading as a whole. That’s why CryptoIFX worked to make the task less daunting and make its service more open for everyone. Regardless of experience, CryptoIFX is a great starting point for both crypto and conventional trading.

Funds Trading and Security

funds trading and security

Safety is always important when choosing a new brokerage, and that statement is even stronger for crypto-focused brokers. That’s because they’re often harder to track and thus a more attractive target for hackers. We’ve all heard news of massive crypto hacks where users or firms lost a significant portion of their funs. The companies that suffer such attacks commonly reimburse users, but there’s no reason to expose yourself to such risks. That’s why we’re commonly even more strict when looking at crypto broker or exchange security than with regular brokers.

From the positive tone of the start of our CryptoIFX broker review, you could’ve concluded that the firm didn’t have such issues. Since the firm isn’t brand-new, that’s quite an accomplishment as hackers often target newbies. They assume the companies haven’t had time to set up their security or just don’t have the experience to do so. As such,’s security measures have likely repelled multiple cyberattacks without us knowing.

Each broker has complex anti-hacking measures going on in the background and what users see is commonly a fraction. CryptoIFX shows us that it has 128-bit SSL encryption on its website, along with account verifiers. The two together are already a deterrent for hackers who usually like to hit the easiest targets. As for internal safety measures, the broker provides maximum clarity on every aspect of its service. On top of that, its terms and conditions lack any predatory clauses that scam firms like to include.

CryptoIFX’s security is quite competent and blows most competitors out of the water. That’s especially noticeable with other crypto brokers and exchanges who often provide sub-par security.

The Trading Accounts

Another thing that makes CryptoIFX stand out from its peers is its account typing. It’s common for crypto trading service providers only to have a single account version on their service. That can harm either budget or luxury users, as the single account is always tilted towards one group. In that case, the other one gets a service that’s either too expensive or too low-quality. As we said earlier in our CryptoIFX broker review, one of its main features is accessibility.

That means the broker needed to ensure both budget and luxury traders, both newbies and experts, were satisfied. Its account typing goes a long way in ensuring that, as it has an option for every trader level. Furthermore, it follows an investment-based tier system, which allows you to upgrade without thinking about it too much. Here are some of the accounts’ specifications to make your choice simpler:

CryptoIFX account types


  • Min. Deposit $250
  • Min Lot Size
  • Platform
  • Mobile Trading
  • 24 Hour Trading


  • Min. Deposit $2,500
  • Min Lot Size
  • Platform
  • Mobile Trading
  • 24 Hour Trading
  • Islamic Account


  • Min. Deposit $10,000
  • Min Lot Size
  • Platform
  • Daily Analysis
  • Mobile Trading
  • Islamic Account
  • Account Manager


  • Min. Deposit $25,000
  • Min Lot Size
  • Platform
  • Mobile Trading
  • Account Manager
  • Daily Analysis


  • Min. Deposit $50,000
  • Min Lot Size
  • Platform
  • Islamic Account
  • Account Manager
  • Daily Analysis
  • Fixed Spread


  • Min. Deposit $100,000
  • Hidden Specifications
  • Ask Your Account Manager for More Info

Trading Conditions

As we said multiple times during our CryptoIFX broker review, the core of its service is in its versatility. It allows users to take trading into their own hands and trade how they want. That creates a skill-expressive and fun trading experience where you’re in charge of what you want. The things that allow such a setup are the multiple account types and a focus on all asset groups instead of singling out crypto.

Naturally, CryptoIFX isn’t the only broker in the world that has everything under its roof. However, it’s one of the few that allows users to be competitive both crypto and conventional trading-wise. Its excellent pricing and funding methods contribute to that. That’s because the cost of using CryptoIFX is lower than the usual broker, and getting money in and out of your account is simple. We should also mention the 1:400 leverage, which is at just the right level to help users.

CryptoIFX Trading Platformtrading platform

The platform at is also a significant part of the broker’s service. The software merges conventional and crypto trading while equipping you with the tools to do both. As such, you’ll be able to hone your trading tactics by using the broker’s proprietary web and mobile platforms. The software is also quite intuitive, allowing for users to get used to it and start trading quickly.

CryptoIFX’s Trading Products

A major talking point of our CryptoIFX review was its asset versatility. As such, there’s not much need to elaborate here, as you can already tell we’re content with its selection. It includes major assets from all significant groups and a solid library overall. That means essential trader skills, such as diversification, for example, become quite simple. Here are all the asset classes the broker offers:

  • Global Currencies
  • Spot Commodities
  • The Spot Indices
  • Energies
  • Spot Shares
  • Cryptocurrencies

Customer Service

Customer service at is excellent and plays a role in the overall speed of its service. You’ve most likely had issues with any online service you’ve used, and brokerages are no different. The firm’s competent operatives and their quick responses ensure that even issues don’t cause huge disruptions. The support team works 24/5, and you can use a phone, email, or live chat to reach them.


Phone: +00-00-00

Email: [email protected]

crypltoilfx concatcts


CryptoIFX is a brokerage that managed to do something unique. That alone puts it above the vast majority of brokers that look like copies of each other with slight variations. When you factor in the consistent quality of every aspect of’s service, you’ve got something special.

It’s not difficult to see why we’re so impressed with the broker. It’s vastly more secure than most crypto firms, giving it a massive edge already. Beyond that, its trading specifications remain high no matter which account you pick. The platform is excellently crafted, allowing you to understand it quickly while it’s powerful enough to assist your trading experience. Lastly, the asset variety means the broker can be your all-in-one trading station.

To conclude our CryptoIFX review, we’d like to give a definite recommendation. We wish more firms would follow the example set in the future.