Three stocks with Buy rating -What do experts advise?

Three stocks with Buy rating -What do experts advise?

There are lots of stocks on the market, and it’s not always easy to choose the right ones. You have to envision and consider so many things to avoid losing your hard-earned money. The stock market is volatile and not so easily navigated. It’s often safer and easier to trust the analysts who are pros in trading. While there isn’t such a thing as a 100 percent guarantee of success, you can at least base your decision on the careful analyses of experienced experts. Here are three stocks Wall Street advises as Best Buys in June.

Raytheon Technologies 

This is an aerospace and defense company. While newly-formed, it’s based on teh merger of Raytheon and United Technologies. Raytheon is a member of the dividend aristocrats. The company has raised its payout for 26 straight years. The stock yields 2.9%, and Raytheon uses 61% of its earnings to finance it.

The prospects for commercial flights are not good right now due to the pandemic. However, Raytheon’s intelligence, the space program, and the defense and missiles segment ensure its profit. This company is one of the most well-diversified in its industry. Raytheon had a record backlog of $51.3 billion at the end of the first quarter.


While this company is technically an exchange-traded fund, it is a worthy pick for June. iShares uses a methodology to invest in some of the traditionally less volatile U.S. stocks. The company seeks to capture less of the downside in stock market sell-offs. That’s a good method to maintain exposure to the market and slightly reduce risk along the way.

USMV has managed to capture 80% of the market’s upside and 63% of the downside over the last five years. While it tends to go up less in bull markets, iShares tends to go down far less in bear markets.

Crown Castle International

This is a real estate investment trust focused on the operation, ownership, and leasing of cell towers. The company owns more than 40,000 towers across the U.S., and its infrastructure will be vital for the multiyear rollout of 5G technology.

While CCI must payout 90% of its operating profits as a REIT dividend, it avoids the inefficiency of corporate taxes; Crown Castle pays a 2.8% dividend. Its shares are up by 21% so far this year.

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