Stocks 2020: Two Tech Stocks Trading Under $10 to Buy

Stocks 2020: Two Tech Stocks Trading Under $10 to Buy

As it’s almost 2020, things appear to be set up well for Wall Street. So, investors might want to add a few cheap stocks to their portfolios.

Shares trading under $10 might be more volatile than their pricier peers. But investors can still have big returns with the right low-priced stocks. Here are two low-priced tech stocks with the to buy heading into 2020.


The first cheap stock you can buy is Gogo, with the prior close of USD 5.40. The Chicago-based firm is one of the world’s largest providers of Wi-Fi services for private jets and commercial airlines. The company was one of the pioneers of the internet at 30,000 feet.

Gogo went public in 2013. The firm saw some early success, but the company’s stock price struggles to turn a profit due to high costs.

The firm is expected to experience a pullback on both the top and bottom lines this year. Things are then expected to turn around in 2020.

Moreover, shares of Gogo have climbed 80% in 2019. So, investors may view it as a bet that airlines will be able to figure out better Wi-Fi pricing to entice greater adoption.

The Rubicon Project

Another low-priced stock is The Rubicon Project, prior close of USD 7.99. It’s an advertising exchange firm that helps sell advertisement space. The Los Angeles firm enables advertisers to reach consumers across outlets like Spotify, eBay, and many others and stands to benefit as more ad spending shifts to digital.

The company’s sales jumped 30% during the first nine months of 2019. The firm’s fiscal 2020 sales are expected to climb another 13% higher, in a sign of stable expansion.

Furthermore, The Rubicon Project’s 2020 earnings are expected to soar to +$0.10 per share.