Stadia game streaming becomes available on iOS via a web app

Stadia game streaming becomes available on iOS via a web app

Stadia is a relatively new tech company. It has its first anniversary today. However, the firm managed to make a name for itself during this year. It plans to integrate its games on the iOS system. According to Google’s announcement, public iOS testing will start in several weeks. The company plans to use a progressive web application. That comes as no surprise considering Apple’s current position on game streaming services.


While Apple allows ‘library’ apps, it demands streamable games be listed individually in its App Store. Stadia plans to work via Chrome and Safari on iOS. However, Google advises using the web app because it’s full screen. Besides, some features are not possible in a browser.


The App Store already contains an official Stadia application. However, it’s little more than a digital hub. You can use it for browsing the store or your existing library. Furthermore, you can set up Stadia on other devices or check which of your friends are online.


Furthermore, fans have managed to make several workarounds, offering similar functionality to the browser-based portals and Android. Thus far, Stadium is the most popular one among them. Developer Zach Knox created this unofficial app. Apple pulled it in October and after making some changes, successfully launched it in the App Store.


Is Streaming important for iOS?


Streaming has lots of advantages. One of the biggest of them is the ability to move between all of the devices you may own seamlessly. For example, you could begin playing a Destiny 2 raid on your Chromecast Ultra and then complete some basic quests on your smartphone. However, for that dream scenario to work, you must have a compatible handset.


Thus far, Stadia has plenty of problems. For instance, some games don’t run at 60 frames per second or a true 4K resolution. However, proper iPhone and iPad support will likely make the service appealing to more people. The company has good potential.

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