Phases to be profitable in the short term

Phases to be profitable in the short term

One of the critical questions that all aspiring profitable traders ask is how much daily, weekly and monthly profitability can I expect from it? 

First of all, let’s understand that trading is the riskiest of investment activities, and its nature is speculative. It is part of the variable income. Therefore the trader should not make daily records to annualize or project their management.

The profits or portfolio profitability in trading are the last phase of a process where we start as students to become online market traders.

When starting the process, the students must, of course, select their trading method. It may not be easy in a sea of ​​seminars and techniques. As a general rule, the student must choose a system, test its use and, of course, follow the procedures.

Phase 1

The first phase is negative in terms of results. It must be approached with the minimum size of operation while absorbing the theory and procedures of the profitable method of trading.

Phase 2

The second phase corresponds to the trader who overcomes the performance errors. He still lacks confidence, discipline in monitoring, and feedback from daily management. With the support of tutorials, practical workshops, and coaching sessions, the trader overcomes this challenging phase, where no results are seen yet. 

Phase 3

The third phase corresponds to the skillful trader. It is the person who has already eliminated the performance errors for at least four consecutive weeks. Here he applies the theory and procedures of the trading method in such a way that he manages to maintain good performance regularly day by day. It is the right time to start the final phase: that of a profitable trader.

Phase 4

Phase four is after achieving the performance that accredits him as a skilled trader. The trader decides to gradually increase the operation sizes based on predefined personal risk policies. 


It is not impossible to be profitable. You must be aware that choosing a suitable training is the first step. As learning to trade is easy, the challenge is to overcome the process with discipline and determination.

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